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Stepping into the Queen of Your Money is more about who are BEING, rather than what you are doing. It is more energy, than strategy. It is more vision and intention, then action.

You have been conditioned to think that making money has to be hard, it is all strategy, and you have to let go of your morals to make great money.

I disagree.

We, as women, are redefining what it means to make our money and spend our money.

Being the Queen of Your Money is a Financial Revolution. And it Starts HERE.

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Take my free Money Archetype Quiz and by answering a few simple questions you will get clear on what your primary money block is through your personal Money Archetype.

I will also tell you your Archetype’s strengths and weaknesses, your biggest financial blind spot that is standing in your way between you and your financial freedom AND what to do about it. 

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Christine Walsh

is a money mindset strategist and speaker, using her over 25 years of experience in finance and accounting, to help women business owners master their inner money game so they can financially thrive, not just survive.

Founded in personal growth and practical financial strategies, Christine has brought her cutting edge business wisdom, expansive studies of human behavior as it relates to money, and Wall Street experience all together. 

This blended approach to money allows women to powerfully see their unique money situation from a new perspective so they can step into their full financial power and potential.

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 Working with Christine Walsh changed everything for me! I have made more money in 2020 than all of 2019 combined, this is a large part due to applying what I learned from Christine about the energy of money.

Aubry Hoffman,Colorado