More abundance, more clarity, more ease, more grace, more confidence, more flow. 

More joy, more freedom, more creativity, more happiness, more communication, more courage. 

Simply stated, MORE MORE

“More” has become ever-present in our society. 

I get it. I work in the realm of money. Most people I speak and work with want more money, more abundance, more time and—to be honest—I’m so over it. 


Because much of this MORE-dom is based in lack. As in “I want more money, because I don’t have enough now. I have to chase it more to get more. I have to work more to make more.” And what do they find? There’s always more to be had. Always. And how do you know what more is if you can’t claim what’s enough now?  

When’s it enough? When’s enough, ENOUGH? 

Today, I’m...