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A tool to support your financial goals with ease and grace May 24, 2023

Do you like checking off a To-Do List like I do?


When it comes to creating an abundant financial container (aka foundation) for your business and life, it can help to have a checklist.


For ease, I put together a list of activities that I have done to ensure my financial container...

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My Powerful Money Reminder for You May 18, 2023

my reminder to you this week...



Take one hand to your heart and one hand to your belly.


Breathe in and out with intention three times.


Say to yourself:

I am enough.

I do enough.

I have enough.

There is enough.


We are enough.


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Be The Queen of Your Money Book Launch! May 01, 2023

my book launches today! let's do this!


calling all my money queens out there!


i am proud to present Be The Queen of Your Money: How to Create Financial Freedom with Ease and Grace!


packed with practical tools, relatable money stories, including my own, how i made my first...

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Your hidden powers with money revealed... Apr 24, 2023

The buck stops here.


For so long, I was taught, or internalized, "do more to get more."

And it created an underlying pressure to perform, compete, and keep working to attain my "happiness..." even when I was tired, burned out, or just wanted to rest for the sake of resting.


AND for...

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It's National "Go Hug A Money Coach" Day!! Apr 23, 2023

Some days I question why I chose money coaching. 

“Sheesh, Christine… Why did you pick this one?!?” LOL

 I have to do my own continuous work with my money mindset, where my own money gremlin can have its way with me and then at almost the same time step into a zoom...

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Your Financial Vision is in View Apr 03, 2023

Clarity means everything. But if you are like me, it is hard to get clear when there are so many possibilities out there.

How to create a financial vision for yourself, your business, your legacy

How do you get clear on your financial vision when there is so much to choose from so many people...

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