Your hidden powers with money revealed...

Apr 24, 2023

The buck stops here.


For so long, I was taught, or internalized, "do more to get more."

And it created an underlying pressure to perform, compete, and keep working to attain my "happiness..." even when I was tired, burned out, or just wanted to rest for the sake of resting.


AND for the record the answer is simply not to BE more either.


All of this is internalized capitalism and the buck stops here.


I have everything In need to create what I want with money. 

AND so do you.


A few years ago, I created The Seven Feminine Principles of Money to bring our bodies, our creativity, our desire, our pleasure, our intuition back on the island so we can grow a business without busting our a$$ and financially flourish. (yes its possible, ask my clients)


The Seven Feminine Principles of Money are a revolutionary approach to financial flow (in no particular order because we live in cycles.)

✨The Principle of Self-Love and Self-Compassion: Stop looking outside for your worth

✨The Principle of Vulnerability and Space: The catalyst for creation of ideas and flow (including cash flow)

✨The Feminine Principle of Desire: The path to reducing financial fear

✨The Feminine Principle of Receptivity & Inclusivity: Raising OUR abundance level using cycles

✨The Feminine Principle of Generative-ness: The collaborative approach to profitability, revenue generation, and wealth

✨The Feminine Principle of Trust & Sustainability: A True Financial Safety and Security Plan

✨The Feminine Principle of Non-Resistance: Re-write your Money Story


Internalized capitalism...

"We" don't do that here...


Wanna dive deep into these and uncover your hidden powers with money?


Grab my book Be The Queen of Your Money: How to Create Financial Freedom with Ease and Grace available on Amazon this coming Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023!


We need a change.  

The Seven Feminine Principles of Money are the foundation of the Be The Queen of Your Money program I created.


This is money REDEFINED.

This is money REIMAGINED. 



Be sure to listen here for more ways I will be working with folks on Being the Queen of Your Money in the coming weeks.


All my best,



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