What is Your


Money Story?


What is Your

Money Story?


I Would Love to Talk With You 

IN THIS INITIAL CALL, we will go over:

 Your current financial picture and problem (no judgment here!)

✔  The #1 Money Block holding you back from making more money and being profitable in your business

✔ Creating a specific plan for you and your finances focused on your financial potential and income expansion and not by cutting back expenses like cutting out your favorite coffee drink... :)

You will walk away from this meeting feeling more in control of your money and have a plan for your money that fully supports you, your lifestyle, and your future!

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My name is Christine Walsh and I am on a mission of empowering women to make money on their terms.

I am inspired to see a future where money is guided by principles of flow, flexibility, inclusivity, and generative-ness (AKA the triple win: financial prosperity for biz owners and their teams, for their customers and clients, and for the global collective.)

I dedicate myself to ensure money is a conversation that is normalized and a force for good. I am committed to blending the practical and strategic aspects of finances with the emotional intelligence aspect of finances to create an integrated approach to driving revenue and profitability in women-owned businesses.

When I consider what makes me unique, it is undoubtedly my innovativeness while staying grounded in the numbers, as I hold the bigger vision of money and its role in your business and lifestyle. 

I am invested in my growth on a personal level, and there is part of me that is mastering how I be my own best cheerleader. 

Every day I wake up for work excited to see my clients embody their own inherent abundance as they experience making clear money decisions from a place of ownership and agency with financial results to match. That is true financial freedom

I love doing what I do best: being a clear mirror for my client’s financial struggles and financial celebrations.

I invite you to a complimentary 45-minute Financial Assessment with me and explore how together we can make your money make money on your terms!

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“Working with Christine my income has increased 200% AND paid in advance! Which has helped huge with cash flow. I confidently raised my prices which I had not been able to do for a decade; the ripple effect of that was raising standards on expectations for project size, increased compensation and adding to savings. I also raised my credit score by 200 points, which meant lower loan rate and my credit limits all went up from this work, which means I now have reserve capital and cash flow to help hire staff for overflow projects. Seeing consistent 5 figure numbers in my bank account equals a huge shift in positive mindset. Overall, though freedom has been the biggest shift moving from freelance to owner mindset. This all shores up to having the freedom to choose the work that aligns with my vision including the freedom to walk away when things aren’t a fit.”

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