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Is a woman's cash flow issues due to receptivity?

How much money are you REALLY allowing in?


This past week I had the opportunity to speak to two women entrepreneurs (not clients) about money resistance and money flow.


One woman was ALL about receiving money. She knew how much she needed and wanted and was completely open to ALL the ways it could come to her. No judgment. (There is some prosperity power there.)


The other was judging the way money had to come into her (“It can’t come in THAT way” I heard her say) pushing away ANY money that she was so desperately needing.


Which woman do you think will receive the money she wants faster?


Asking for what you want around money is one thing.

Receiving it is a totally different thing.


Which “money muscle” do you need to practice? Asking or receiving? Or both?


Regardless of which one, they both have to do with how we perceive our own self-worth.


Consider these questions when it comes to making A LOT of...

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The Complexity of More

As an entrepreneur...wait a minute.... as a HUMAN>>> it can often feel like we are on this train to MORE-land. 

More revenue 

More profit

More time

More support

More clarity

More cash flow

More freedom

More health

More __(you fill in the blank)____

 Maybe only one of the few in the LESS bucket is taxes.

 MORE can get to be ALOT. 

 One of the main reasons I see business owners, especially women business owners sabotage their success, thinking if they go bigger (another way to say MORE) they will have to sacrifice something else. And it’s kinda funny because the sacrifice list coincides closely with the MORE list above. 

They will have to Sacrifice:

Free time

Family time

Money (to make more money)

Their health

Their freedom

Their integrity

Their values

Their profitability

 It can be quite the conundrum, would you agree? 

 The bottom line is this:

We are all moving towards more growth. Everything is moving towards...

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How about a Mid-Year Money check in?

As much as I love FLOW and I do. STRUCTURE is what keeps the flow, well, flowing.  

Checking in on your money at this time of the year shines a light on what might have gone into the shadows with your money since the new year. #Solstice 

Reviewing your money “stuff” this time of the year gives you the perfect opportunity to review what has occurred, what you learned, what isn’t working, what is working over the past 6 months-ish, and make changes to get you back on track for the year-end.  

I work with cycles in money with my clients. Money is not linear, and neither are you, and my clients (including myself) have found great success in recognizing their cycle of money generation that aligns with their highest self.  

We have seasons. You have seasons. And every entire cycle has a point of reflection. Of assessment, of curation, of pruning even.  

And what an auspicious time to review as we notice the light expanding or...

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I have a little $$ secret for you I'm so excited to share...


Squeel…. It's happening…  

Picture it.. the North Shore Oahu Spring 2017 (DAYUMMM 5 years ago)…where I first put pen to paper to write a book.

Christine Walsh writing a book. A BOOK! 

YEP... Christine Walsh has written a book... 

In the experience, in the gorgeousness that is Hawaii… I download the essence of a book about three women and their experience with money. 

These three women are you. 

These three women are me.  

The young one. The spirited one. The one that drives up curiosity, wonder, hopeful, and the energy of desire and truth around money flow. The one JUST before all the baggage of the world encases her and creates her financial insecurities.   

The middle aged one. The present self. The logic and reasoning one. The one here right now, looking at the bank account, her business, her retirement account and wondering “How am I going to get through this?” 

And the older...

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The bigger the $$ challenge...the bigger the $$ reward


Nothing happens until a decision is made.

Most people will have an opportunity to make more money right in front of them and the first thing they will think about is the risk.

Better know as ...."Why I can't."

I can't because...

I don't have the money.

I don't have the time.

I don't have the skillset.

I don't have the systems in place. 

I don't know if it will work.

I don't know if I will make a mistake. 

...and the list goes on. 



If you are an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business and increase your income, that frame of thinking is going to sabotage you every time.

An entrepreneurial mindset is one of expansion and risk (calculated risk) AND reward. But it only starts first with a decision that you can.

Here's an exercise for ya:

Bring to mind a money challenge you are having right now.

Maybe it's you have plateaued with your income

 or maybe cash flow is not happening

or you have this money story you just can't shake and...

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You are in relationship with everything, including money.

You are in a relationship with everything. 


I want to tell you all about an expansive event I am taking part in called “Heal & Reconnect in Relationships.” I am being interviewed as one of 12 experts from around the world speaking on the topic of reclaiming relationships. 


AND my topic is MONEY of course! 


Just a reminder here women… you are in a relationship with everything!  

AND if you want to improve a relationship (ahem Money) you will need to connect and reconnect with it. 

If you are ready to create more joy, love, and connection in ALL your relationships, register for this free online series here.

In this series expect to receive specific tools, inspiration, and encouragement to take a stand for your most important relationships. You will dive deep into ALL relationships, relationships with yourself, your body, food, YOUR FINANCES , love, joy, your kids, your partners, and more. 


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Here’s a next-level money thought for you to consider

What is for you… cannot pass you by. 


Just a quick drop in this week with a thought. 


How receptive would you be, how much could your body allow in (it’s a thing), financially or other forms of abundance,  if you believed the above concept? 

What would you be open to fully? What would show up for you?


This concept is available to you right now. 


What do you choose? 


You get to decide.


And from there everything can shift. 


What is for you, cannot pass you by. 


Rest in that this weekend. 


All my best,


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A GENERATIVE way to price your services and offerings

Pricing your offerings can feel so strange at times. But it makes sense why it can feel that way.  

It brings up so much about our own worthiness and value (ugh…. the money energy and mindset work continues.) 

AND I have an easy way for you to integrate ALL that with a new perspective on pricing your offerings.  

I want you to imagine a triangle.  

There are 3 points to this triangle (of course!) and each point has an angle to look at regarding pricing your services: Logic. Emotion. Intuition.  

Logic is running the numbers.  

An example: I want this much in revenue this month. I would like to serve this many people. Divide the amount of revenue by the people to get a price for your service. 

Emotion is looking at pricing as energy and value exchange. What is the possibility for you at this number for this offering?

How does it feel?

Does it lift you or does it bring you down? AND what is the...

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Money wanted me to tell you...

I was going to write you all an email about value-based pricing, or how to raise your prices, or how to increase your income quickly by raising your prices but there was a message that was coming through me loud and clear from Money that wanted to be shared with you and it was this:  


Everything is going to be alright. 

Whatever is going on for you currently with me. 

The desire to make more. The desire to not make a mistake. 

The feeling you may have that I have complete control over you.  

The shame of having debt or having made a mistake with me in the past. 

Getting totally frustrated and overwhelmed with me and avoiding me. 

The fear of not having enough for retirement or really ever being financially independent.  

Of ever getting There with me… wherever There is (?) 


Any of it. 

All of it…  

I want you to know… even being with it all….the burden you may have felt...

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Six Keys to Unlocking Recurring Revenue in Your Business

It is one thing to start to make money in your business and it is another to create recurring revenue in your business.  

In my 15 years plus of running small businesses, accounting for small businesses, and coaching and mentoring women with small businesses, I have come across the six keys to unlocking recurring revenue in your business. 

Here is a rundown of them… for $hits and giggles you can go through the exercise of rating them for yourself so you know what ones may need a little more attention than others.

The Exercise: Rate them on a scale from 1 for “I’m not even close to knowing where I am with that one” (no confidence) to 10 for “I got that totally dialed in and loving it” (super confident.) 

  1.  A Nourishing Business Model that has confidently provided the program, service, offerings and/or product mix that gives you fluid and blissful money flow. 
  2.  Profitable and Purposeful Pricing...
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