Money: A Great Love Story?

Feb 17, 2023
Pink text on blue background:

Remember what it was (is) like to fall in love?

  • The anticipation of knowing the next time you would see each other 
  • The curiosity in getting to know each other 
  • The joy of experiencing things together.

It’s so present moment. Falling in love is so now. So amplified.

That is my invitation to you this week, with Valentine’s Day in our midst.

The invitation to consider is falling in love with money.

Not in the notion of “you love money” the egoic attachment of it…

But in the notion of how can I be in the excitement of, the curiosity of, the joy of being in alignment with money.

Maybe that is it.

Maybe its not even falling in love with money.

But being in alignment.


Being in alignment with money and being in partnership.

Whole new possibilities arise when we look through the lens of love.

At everything.


Even with money.


Money is a form of life force energy. We exchange it for something of value to add, enhance our lives.  


What if money was a great love story?  


How would that change your financial perspective?  


What might you “attract?” 

What might more easily flow towards you?


Power with (not over/under) money requires an embodied approach. 


A feeling expressed in deep cellular form.  


Embodiment dispels fear around money. 


When you invite love into the financial convo… it becomes a grounded AND radiant relationship. 




My go to practice for making money relational vs transactional: 


Write Money a letter….lay it all out on the table. What needs to be said, expressed? Be in your Truth, your honesty, maybe your curiosity with it all. Unedited.   




And then switch roles and have Money respond to your letter.  


What is important for her to say to you?  


Could this be the start of a great love story?  


I hope so.  


With love, 




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