Drop the money guilt already.

Feb 25, 2023

Credit card debt.

Losing money on that stock recommendation. 

Bought those gorjuss suede boots at full price that cost a month of groceries and now have a pit in your stomach.

Not putting away money earlier for retirement.

Cash flow issues that close down your business.

Foreclosure on your first home and having to live with a friend. 

Feeling guilty for having more than others. 

Feeling guilty that you received an inheritance because someone passed. 


All of these scenarios can bring on the feeling of guilt, the feeling of remorse for doing something wrong or making a mistake.


...And a reason why you may be experiencing a financial ceiling in your business.  


Money and guilt have been connected at the hip for ages for many, many reasons from religious reasons to societal reasons to the way we grew up.


From my experience coaching 100’s of people around the topic of money and its emotional impact on our ability to increase our financial abundance. It is clear guilt is a primary block to financial expansion.


It shows up in how much money we make, the financial goals we set, and even the money stories we pass down to the next generation. 


For us all to grow financially, healthy financially, we must drop the money guilt. 

In creating financial expansion, guilt has no place at the table. 


Don’t “should” on yourself!


So what is guilt for?

It is a disconnection or the contrast you feel when your values aren’t matching up with the value system you inherited (directly or indirectly) from someone else. It is a real life red flag that says you have a conflict of values with someone. Probably, most likely, with the people who have the most influence on you: parents, siblings, partners, ministers, teachers

Guilt is the ultimate “should.”


“You should've known better.”

“You should be responsible with your money.”

“You should not get into credit card debt.”

“You should have saved your money.”

“You shouldn’t have spent so much on those gorjuss suede boots.”


Knowing what guilt is and what is behind it allows you to see the expansion in your truest values coming to life. Wanting to be expressed.

That’s a good thing.


The feeling of guilt simply keeps us from being in the present moment, the only moment we create powerfully in.


Until now.


Dropping money guilt starts with understanding.

  1. Recognize the feeling of guilt when it comes to your money. Where are you feeling that in the body?(that pit in my stomach is my go to sign)
  2.  Identify the value disconnect. What value are you wanting to express and what value is that in contrast to?
  3. Who’s voice is that? Can you identify whose value that contrasting one is? Who’s “should-ing” on you? 
  4. Stop judging yourself. Your guilt is the emotion of your true wants and needs showing through. Your expression of expansion wanting to awaken and be enlivened. It is the spark of the divine speaking through you. That is why you are here, it is part of your purpose coming to life… There is nothing wrong with that. 
  5. Come back to the present moment. In what ways can you uphold your value system in this money situation knowing that choosing what is loving towards yourself based in your values is you being the best version of yourself?


Acceptance=less judgment

Less judgment = more influence 

More influence = more expansion


See how that works… 


We cannot change what we judge.

We cannot create when we judge.

(This includes creating financial prosperity.)


Guilt is about judgment.


Drop the money guilt starting with awareness, acceptance, and alignment and raise the roof of your financial ceiling. 


What money guilt story are you holding on to? 

Allow it be witnessed, drop me a line by simply replying to this email.
You are deserving to be heard in this. 


Much love and with you in your awareness.

We are in it together.






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