Easiest way to create money PLUS the secret sauce to more money

Jan 17, 2023

I’ll make this easy for you. 

You get to decide if it is simple enough for you to do so… 

I make suggestions, you make decisions.  🙂


There are several ways to create more money in your small business. 


  • Offer more services/products
  • Sell to more people
  • Raise your prices
  • Leverage the assets in your business: team, vision, time, money, and you: your energy, mindset, body 
  • Engage with more prospects/leads/customers and increase the percentage of people that buy that you get in front of


“So Christine, enough blabbing, give it to us…Which is the quickest and easiest way to make more money in my business? “


Ok here you go. Ready for it?


Raise your prices. 


They quickest, the easiest way.


Now notice what came up for you, when you read that statement.

If you felt any contraction or resistance to that, notice that. 


It is most likely showing you a money block of yours. That energy of resistance which is really what a block is has to be addressed first before you implement the strategy. 

And that can happen quickly.


There are 5 steps to integrating a money block>>>>


(sorry you don't get “rid” of a money block because it is energy and energy doesn’t go away, it transforms into something else, it gets integrated… that is not woowoo talking, just physics my friend.)


The 5 steps are: 

Awareness: Notice 

Acceptance: Non-resistance to what is; integration

Alignment: Cultivate desire. What do you REALLY want?

Abundance: What is the GIFT? How does the desire serve you and how does the block serve you?

Action: What is the decision you want to make next, what next step will you take?


When you walk through these 5 steps, money blocks fall away into money flow. 


As I said,  

I make suggestions, you make decisions.


Oh and the secret sauce??

Yeah, that is DECISION. 


A decision is REALLY the secret sauce of creating more revenue in your business. 

When you make decisions quickly and effectively, the universe conspires to work with you to support you. 


The universe, source energy, god, goddess is not holding ANYTHING back from you. 

Decision is your commitment to making something happen.  When you decide, the next step presents itself for your benefit. 


Money is not about secrets any longer!


What decision will you make today to change the trajectory of your finances?




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