The #1 thing I did to have my best revenue month (with oodles of profit to boot)

Nov 17, 2022

I am celebrating the best revenue month in my business this past month! Hootie hoo… 🎉


Celebrating the things I have put in place to receive to flow that “cash-ola” into my stewardship.


AND after years of not knowing how to celebrate my wins (on to the next thing, can you relate?) I have learned how important it is to let it land and actually celebrate the wins…. To fully RECEIVE the fruits of my efforts & intention. So took my hubby out to dinner and we toasted to the sweet abundance.


Celebrating is the emotion of receptivity.


When we appreciate and receive what has come to us, we essentially are saying “I am open to more Universe if you are listening.” Which she is.


In reflection on hitting this goal, I realized that there was one action I took that rose to the top of the list as the primary contributor to the financial win.


It wasn’t a big launch or a massive social media blitz, I actually went on two mini vacays during this time, it wasn't getting my messaging nailed down or raising my prices. (Though all of that can contribute.) And it certainly was not working 15 hours a day, nights, and weekends (not so contributing at any time.)


It was visualization.


Good old-fashioned visualization. You know forming a mental image in your mind for a length of time… which for me was like 5 minutes a day.


It was the visualization of the thing I wanted every day as a habit.

To create a catalyst; a cause set in motion the idea of more money flowing to me. To feel what it would feel like through all the senses of “it is already here.”

The sights, the sounds, the last thing that had to happen to know it has happened.


Every day for weeks, a few months, it was part of my morning ritual.

New neural pathways were uncovered.


Now, mind you… This did not mean I did not take the regular actions it takes to move money into a business.


But the heavy lifting of taking actions normally associated with creating quantum leaps in a business was eased by dropping into the daily alignment of my thoughts and feelings in the present experience of what it would be like to double my monthly income.


It actually brought me back to the energy of being a kiddo and using my imagination to create what I wanted.

It was fun. And fun is one of my top values.


As many of you know, I live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, up in the High Rockies...The town's nickname is Ski Town USA.

Home to more winter Olympians than any other town in North America (I know, crazy!)


They say for ski racers mental imagery is their most powerful tool for winning a race. For hitting their intended goal.


I have seen it firsthand here in Ski Town USA.

The ski racer standing at the top of the starting gate, skis on, preparing to race, looking down at the course, slightly moving side to side as she mentally moves herself down the course, engaging all her senses, with her goal in mind, (literally), to have their best time, to win the race. To accomplish what needs to be accomplished for her victory.


It is quite amazing and inspiring to watch these athletes in their visualizations and I believe that visualization is a powerful tool for visionary entrepreneurs like you and me.

Actually, quite brilliant. Visualization>Visionary… get it??


Now while I can’t guarantee you would have the same result as I did with visualization (so many nuances and factors go into realizing our desires) I will say it gives you a massive “leg-up” in confidence, clarity, focus, and sense of preparedness of where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your business and life.


With a little more ease than 77 more strategies to implement. 😜


Keep this close, friends.

What you want, wants you.


This includes money.


Have you used visualization to achieve your financial goals? I want to hear about it. Drop me a line and let me know your experience. I read all your emails and personally respond.


With love and visions of abundance in all its forms for you today… I am off to visualize a great day ahead!


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