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The Smartest Investment You Should Make Year After Year

August is my annual time of reflection on what I have accomplished over the past 12 months, in addition to what I want to experience over the course of the next year.  Yes, I have my monthly and quarterly assessments, but August is my big one.  Not sure why.

It's not the first of the year of the beginning of Spring.  Maybe I still can relate to the kiddos starting their new year at school or maybe it's the noticeable change in the weather that comes here in Colorado.  Hot summer days turn to a hint of cooler days in August, and I start to turn inward for the Fall and Winter.  Or maybe it's because I quit my full-time job in August and started my full-time coaching business that same month.  Yeah, that feels about right.

In what ways do you take the time to reflect on your past 12 months and what you want your next 12 months to look like?

Apparently, it doesn't matter when in the sense of what time of year, as long as it happens.  As a solo...

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