Make Money Like a Woman

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

The world’s a better place when women are in financial control.

Women are stepping into stewardship around money like never before. Stepping in with their curiosity, their values, and their vulnerability and it’s making for a very compelling story of clarity and confidence in their lives–and in their bank accounts.

A Wall Street Journal article (paywall) states that, by 2022, women will control over 60% of the wealth in the United States.

And that’s a good thing.

Here are three reasons why:

Reason Number One

When it comes to decision making, women tend to use three decision-making tools in unison: intuition, emotion, and logic. This results in a more informed and deliberate decision within their home and in their businesses, whereas men tend to focus only on analytics.

Money isn’t linear and using a linear approach like logic doesn’t allow for the ebb and flow that is the energy of money. It’s not called “currency” for nothing.

Reason Number Two

Women like to connect with and be supported by other women they trust, and that leads to exponential growth when it comes to money. When women come together in a safe space to talk money, old money stories get broken down, they get witnessed in their emotions around money–which releases the heaviness of those intense emotions like shame and guilt, and they support and motivate each other, which can create massive success. This is how we change how we show up to money–with the help of others.

Reason Number Three

Society benefits as a whole when women take control of their finances. Women want to make a difference when it comes to their money and they tend to link their life goals to their investments rather than chasing performance. And many of those life goals are based on family, community, and themselves–and that makes for a better society!

As a woman, you may have not been taught personal finance as a kid, (I know I didn’t) and you may not know where to start, so I encourage you to start where you are, be aware, use the skills you do have, get support, and start using money as the tool it’s designed to be.

By doing so, we not only create a better life for ourselves but also for future generations to come.

Until next time much abundance to you in all its forms.

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