Be The Light: A Message Of Inspiration For The New Year

Dec 31, 2016

Be the Abundant Gift of Light

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”

That’s what the tag at the end of the tea bag said. I let that settle in for a few moments, in which I felt, well, “light”.

Abundance to me feels light. Light in the sense that there is an ease about it — a fluidity to it. When I feel abundance, I feel peace. Abundance is more than plenty of luxuries. It can be found in all areas of life, and in this season of celebration and holiday, it’s easy to seek it out.

This season, you could say there is ample light, present in the form of candles on the menorah, brightly lit decorated houses and Christmas trees, or the light from a fireplace warming you on a cold day. Keeping your focus on these comforts reiterates the prosperous nature of our world.

So this holiday season, take it upon yourself to bask in all of the abundance available to you today, and know without a doubt, true wealth is already yours.

Be the light.

Live in the conversation of abundance and start generating wealth from the inside out. The universe will happily return more abundance back to you in all its forms.

And warmest wishes for an enriching and enlightening 2017!


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