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The Complexity of More Aug 20, 2022

As an entrepreneur...wait a minute.... as a HUMAN>>> it can often feel like we are on this train to MORE-land. 

More revenue 

More profit

More time

More support

More clarity

More cash flow

More freedom

More health

More __(you fill in the blank)____

 Maybe only one of the...

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How about a Mid-Year Money check in? Jun 30, 2022

As much as I love FLOW and I do. STRUCTURE is what keeps the flow, well, flowing.  

Checking in on your money at this time of the year shines a light on what might have gone into the shadows with your money since the new year. #Solstice 

Reviewing your money “stuff”...

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I have a little $$ secret for you I'm so excited to share... Jun 02, 2022


Squeel…. It's happening…  

Picture it.. the North Shore Oahu Spring 2017 (DAYUMMM 5 years ago)…where I first put pen to paper to write a book.

Christine Walsh writing a book. A BOOK! 

YEP... Christine Walsh has written a book... 

In the experience,...

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The bigger the $$ challenge...the bigger the $$ reward May 28, 2022


Nothing happens until a decision is made.

Most people will have an opportunity to make more money right in front of them and the first thing they will think about is the risk.

Better know as ...."Why I can't."

I can't because...

I don't have the money.

I don't have the time.

I don't...

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You are in relationship with everything, including money. May 12, 2022

You are in a relationship with everything. 


I want to tell you all about an expansive event I am taking part in called “Heal & Reconnect in Relationships.” I am being interviewed as one of 12 experts from around the world speaking on the topic of reclaiming...

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Here’s a next-level money thought for you to consider May 06, 2022

What is for you… cannot pass you by. 


Just a quick drop in this week with a thought. 


How receptive would you be, how much could your body allow in (it’s a thing), financially or other forms of abundance,  if you believed the above concept? 


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