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The Single Most Important Exercise To Allow More Money In

When it comes to money, most women equate money with safety, security, and/or freedom. 

Security was, and still is, a huge value in my family. 

I am the only entrepreneur in my family, so when I decided to start my own business, I remember excitedly sharing with my dad that I had graduated from coaching school, passed the exam, had all the hours and was ready to go out on my own as a coach.  His reply: “Does that come with a pension?”

Haha… not funny Dad.

I thought about his response for days, telling myself, “No it comes with nothing. I am starting with nothing.” And I dropped into that familiar feeling of worry, fear and doubt that had plagued me for most of my life.

I had put the coaching program on a credit card, a hefty amount. I had no clients, and I was apprehensive about paying my monthly bills.

The story was reinforced that... 

Money = Security.

And it does to a certain extent.

BUT there is something else that is even more important...

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Do you have this repellent money energy?

There is an incredibly repellent energy out there that slows down money coming to you.

It is steeped in desperation, future fears, lack, and comparison.

I had it for years.


I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t care.

I just knew at some point, I had to look at it.

What is it?


Impatience is a big repellent energy of money.

Impatience breeds resistance.

And if you are in resistance to money you are not in FLOW with money.

Flow and resistance are mutually exclusive.

How do you know if you are an impatient person?

  • Often thinking some future moment/experience will be better than the present moment
  • Often saying “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money.” And I mean often.
  • Perhaps, short attention span or inability to focus for lengths of time on a present moment
  • You have burnt your tongue on a bowl of soup because you were too impatient to eat it.

How do I know this?

I am a reforming impatient...

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What is Underearning and are you an Underearner?

Hey my friend… Do you know how much I have been thinking of you and how I can serve you?


Why? Because at one time, I had no one to talk to about my money, because I was embarrassed, ashamed, and thought, “Who would want to hear my problems?”

That is why I am here. I want to hear your money problems.

And an undercurrent of many of the money problems I hear from women like you is…


Not a topic most want to talk about and I believe it is a missing link to making the money you really want to make.

What is Underearning and are you an Underearner?

Underearning is when you earn less than you know you are capable of earning and you really desire to earn more.

You are not underearning if you are completely and honestly happy in the amount of money you make. Key word being honest.

If you are justifying underearning because you feel having more money will make you greedy or its not virtuous to make more money or you don’t need a lot.

That is...

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How to Shift from a Scarcity Mindset to an Abundant Mindset

I don’t think the word abundance came into my vocabulary until my 30s when I realized the opposite and brought this into my awareness: 

I was living in scarcity.

Scarcity was the foundation of my core operating system for most of my life up until that awareness.

And when I noticed it was everywhere.

Scarcity was the perspective I took when I lost my job, when I lost my house, when I thought I was going to be homeless on the street, when I looked at my bank account.

It was the lens I looked at life through. Not a fun way to experience life as it produces fear, worry, and doubt and many of you may be feeling that way too right now.

Even when you want to make more money. Even when you want better in your life.

A scarcity mindset runs underneath it all and can sabotages your efforts.

So, what is a girl to do?

That Abundance is your birthright.

You may be aware of scarcity in your life.

You may not have labeled it as such, like I did, but when we have one end of the spectrum...

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A Mindset Trick to Step off the Financial Roller Coaster

When my brother and I were kids, one of Our favorite summer trips was a day at Great Adventure in New Jersey.

We counted the days down on my dad’s calendar, we knew what we were going to wear and who we were bringing with us.

AND what RIDES we were planning on going on.

For me top of the list was Rolling Thunder: Great Adventure’s premier roller coaster.

For some being on a roller coaster at a theme park is exciting. (maybe it was a kid thing?)

For many of us being a financial roller coaster is downright no good. (possibly the most opposite of exciting.)

The financial roller coaster shows up in two ways and there are two ways to go about stepping off it and stepping on to the magic money carpet.

Let me walk you through the rest here…

The first financial roller coaster is the one in your bank account and is connected to how much money you bring in from month to month. The up, the down, the boom and the bust.

It is the one you SEE month to month.

It is frightening...

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Recession Proof Your Business

My top 3 ways to recession proof your business, AND just a quick pro tip: you want to be doing these all the time ANYWAY. They are just good standard financial control in your business.

1. Manage your Cash Flow: Cash Flow Management is KEY!! Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is QUEEN!

Understanding where the money is coming from and going out month to month is the foundation of a thriving, sustainable business. Ideas are great, I believe they are currency and they help create the value exchange of money, but if you do not know how much you need each month to keep the business alive and bring those ideas to life, you will be one of the 50% that fail in the first five years of biz.

Best practice: Start with identifying your monthly expenses. If you are new in your business, project what you think you will need each month. What is your bottom line of cash you need each month if no sales were to walk through the door?

2. Understand Your Accounting Software: Have a system...

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How To Own Your Value and Claim Your Brilliance

Own. Your. Value. 

One day, a year into starting my business, I hear a voice saying to me, those exact words.

They dropped into me like a lead balloon.

I inquired within, pondering to myself… “What does that even mean?”

"Own my value?"

"Own what?"

The voice came from a coach or someone on a Facebook Live I was listening to. 

I HAD heard it many times before, but this time it spoke to me at a deeper level. It dropped in.

And I listened. Curiously. 

You know those times when you hear things and then you REALLY hear things.

Well, this was one of those times.

As a money mindset strategist and mentor to women entrepreneurs, this phrase does get tossed around often.

But, it was only at that point when I started to understand fully what it meant for me. 

What I discovered...

Owning my value is allowing me to stand in my full financial power and potential.

Owning my value is a cellular level feeling of confidence; innate, unspoken,...

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Is Your Future You Calling?

I can distinctly remember the day I met my future self.

I was laying on the proverbial “bathroom floor.”

OK maybe more like crying in my living room on my sofa…but you get the gist: I was down and out!

It was a voice outside of me that said, ‘Enough is enough. You are no longer going to remain a victim to your money fears.”

That voice was stern, yet fair. Loving, yet was a kick in the butt. It was my money wake-up call.

It was my “future me” calling out to me. OR better yet, CALLING ME OUT!

This was about 5 months after I lost my job and was unemployed during the housing crisis of 2008. I had gotten the notice that the bank was going to foreclose on my condo, and I was an emotional mess. Not to mention in a financial mess.  

Yet, somewhere inside of me was a calling, a rally cry, a “I am no longer going to tolerate living like this!”

Your future you is the part of you that is wise, speaks from an intuitive place. Directs...

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10 Financial Habits That'll Change Your Life

Habits are funny little creatures. Some are good for you, some are bad for you . . . and some are like gum on your shoe–you just can’t get rid of them no matter what you try.

Habits are the patterns we automatically perform day in, day out, without much awareness. They’re learned behaviors that become a strategy to making our way through this thing called life, whereby we keep repeating them to create a certain result or “reward.”

“Your balance in your bank account is basically the sum of your habits”

If you want to change your financial picture, change your habits.

To do this you need “buy-in” from your already reward-craving self.

Your habits serve you. Until you link a good habit with a similar “reward” or feeling a bad habit gives you, your smaller self won’t be bought in and you’ll sabotage yourself.

As you read through these 10 financial habits that will change your life, pick the top one that you...

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Here's Your Permission Slip to Make More Money

There’s a very special and secret permission slip that only you can give yourself to make more money . . . and that permission slip goes something like this,

“I give myself permission to make more money.”

Yep, it’s that simple.

Yet, is it easy to do that? Hell no, or we’d be making more money.

What do you believe about making money that isn’t allowing you to give yourself permission about making more money? (Do not pass this question until you answer it.)

Consider these questions:

  • What might your mom say about you allowing more prosperity in?
  • Your dad?
  • Your best friend?
  • Your old boss?
  • Your new boss?
  • Your husband?
  • Your wife?
  • Your ex?
  • What will you have to give up in order to make more money? (time, friends, flexibility, blaming others and instead taking 100% responsibility)
  • What about money bothers you?
  • What about wealthy people piss you off?

Somewhere in that line of questioning is your core belief that you have about making more...

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