My fave tool to clear money blocks…and a simple way to make more money in your biz

Mar 23, 2022

You are an entrepreneur. You get it. We are a funny bunch.  

We take risks that many others would not take.  

We take responsibility for creating our own economy. 

We look at our business as a conduit for creating a change in the world, within our family, community, or the greater collective, and mostly a change in ourselves.  

AND the hallmark of a thriving entrepreneur requires coming up against the money stories that were handed to you over the years from parents, teachers, society.  


And that is where things can go sideways.  

Money stories become money blocks and can stop us in our tracks no matter how much money “mindset” work we may have done.  

Here is my fave tool to clear money blocks in the moment.  

Wait for it… 

Make another decision.  


Decision diminishes doubt, worry, fear.  

Decision creates courage and commitment to a new choice.  

You don’t clear your money blocks; you make a new choice in the present.  

AND choice is your superpower. 

 Do you know how to make good decision-making skills?  

Here are three ways to sharpen your decision-making skills to clear your money blocks and move forward in your business and life. 

  1.  Through the body… your body knows first. And it knows first if it is a yes or a no? do you know what a yes feels like in your body and what a no feels like? Look at a decision you said no to recently… recall what it felt like in your body to know it was a NO.


Look at a decision you said yes to recently… recall what it felt like in your body to know it was a YES or even a HELL YES! 

Trust your body, it has infinite intelligence and wisdom to share with you. 

  1. Make better financial decisions… This is for the peeps who lean on the logic part of the thought process (hello Christine!) A 4 question set to get clarity on your next step. Beware… using these questions may result in your wildest financial dreams coming true.  
  •  Do I like it (does it resonate with me)? 
  •  Will it bring me closer to my goal? 
  •  Is it being offered in integrity?  
  •  What is the tangible (and intangible) return on investment (ROI) I will get from this? 
  1.  Decide on your Non-Negotiables… Kinda sorta really step ZERO here… to make better decisions be clear on what you DON’T want ahead of time and establish these as your “Non-Negotiables.” In other words, what do you refuse to do? 

What are you not willing to do? 


Take a look at the purpose, principles, and values of your business. Through the lens of those words and statements, complete the statement:  


My business refuses to… 


And list all the ways your business refuses to do…  


Now you have a framework for prioritizing opportunities and making decisions.  

CAVEAT>>>Making a mistake…  

Are you concerned about making a mistake?  

Let me offer you a consideration probably counter to everything you have learned about making mistakes.  

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake.  


Let that statement wash over your body. 

You are moving into unfamiliar territory often when making a decision in your business. Mistakes, errors, and failures happen.  

Know this…. Choice is still your superpower here…this mistake isn’t the last decision you will make in your life… if something goes off course and a decision derails you, guess what? You always get to make another decision. Now let that wash over you.  

Make better decisions and naturally clear your money blocks. 

Feel free to send me an email and let me know how this resonated with you. 

 All my best, 

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  • Time 
  • Team 
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