“I don’t like to talk about money in a group”

radiant wealth Sep 06, 2021

It makes total sense, because so did I.


Yep, this money expert at one point in her life did not want ANYONE to know about her money stuff.


One is because I was taught to not talk about money with others. It was considered rude. Second, I was full of shame and embarrassment about my money situation at the time.


Guess what that added up to?


More shame and embarrassment. Money fears, worries, and doubts fester in silence.


When you feel you can not share your money stuff with someone, you allow shame and guilt to perpetuate, which is NOT good for growing your income.


Talk about a money block!?!


What peeves me lately in all this "MAKE MORE MONEY & IMPACT" in the coaching industry is this....


...that people are forgetting that with the responsibility of making more money comes the responsibility of cleaning up your money $hit. 


This cannot be done in a silo.


If you only go for making more money without a look at WHY you are not making the money you want, you miss the opportunity to understand yourself at a deeper level to not just create money but create sustainable ownership of your money. 


When all is focused just on making more money, the money STILL controls you. 


In Radiant Wealth, my new mastermind and peer-led group experience, the group dynamic IS the catalyst for massive growth personally and financially. 


When we come together in a group, A TRUSTED, CURATED group led by an expert, like MOI, you get to release so much shame, guilt,  and fear quickly. 


Trust emerges. 


When you get to share your money stories in a group of supportive women, you get to crowdsource answers and experiences together. 


Respect emerges.


When you are in a community of like-valued women wanting to grow their income, their wealth, and their own presence you want to share because you know it sheds generational money issues that women have had for decades, hundreds, thousands of years. 


Sovereignty emerges. 


This is something I am not finding in so many "MAKE MORE MONEY & IMPACT" programs, yet this is what women do really well.

We collaborate, we can build up each other’s success as a community, we can witness each other, we can release so many years of generational money trauma, we have contact with an amplified energetic field of brilliant women. 

We talk about money in ways that are matter-of-fact, based on values, and community AND we get to make LOTS OF MONEY and IMPACT on our terms. 

What if that’s the new paradigm we’re bringing in and showing our daughters, our families, our community? 

That can only happen when you talk about money in a group.

I take this very seriously.


We not just talking about increasing net worth, we talking about increasing self-worth. 

Which isn’t to say it’s not challenging. 

But on the other side is freedom. 

Massive freedom.

The freedom of speaking UP about money, being witnessed, and having awareness of how our emotions work for or against us about money in the presence of a group of women who got your back. 

Absolute freedom. 

All my best,

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