Money Bringing the Stress? Bring it to the Body

Mar 29, 2022

Two herniated discs while I was skiing in my twenties led me to>>>


Chiropractic work>Pilates>Pilates training>Yoga>Ayurveda>Kundalini Yoga>Embodiment & Presence study>Breathwork>Movement>>>>> 

And now somatics and trauma-informed study… 

Bring it to the body.  

The most overlooked component I see in business coaching and certainly in money coaching and income generation is integrating the intelligence of the body into the strategy and the container.  

The body knows first and a deep connection to the body when running a 6-7 figure business is critical for the time we are in. 

That is why it is one of the 5 Levers in my Radiant Wealth Financial Programs. 


Because Money Brings All the Stress On in all businesses… Ummm YEAH…. 

All the stressors like Pricing, Sales, "Where the people at?" Cash Flow, Paying Yourself, Team, Hiring and Paying Team, Debt, Investment, Investors, P&Ls, Balance Sheets.... oh and don’t forget TAXES.  

In my world, you learn how to self-regulate the nervous system, tap into body intelligence, honor feelings to rewire subconscious programming, and form new neural pathways steeped in nourishment, joy, and trust. 

Imagine feeling well-resourced and spacious while taking aligned actions toward your financial and business goals?  

Considering the body is a must in growing a business. 

More so than ever.  

This is where you step into your RADIANCE

This is where you step into your essence, money on YOUR TERMS, and from that place…UNSHAKEABLE.  

It’s time to invite the body back on the island and leverage it in all its infinite wisdom for business growth. 

You don’t have to choose one or the other: being well resourced and creating an expansion in your business.  

Could this be the missing link in your biz?  

Perhaps. Probably. 

AN INVITATION.....If this resonates with you and you are a visionary ambitious (in all the best sense of the word) biz woman and you are looking to create an extra $100K in revenue in the next 6 months, click here to email me and say: "I'm interested in the radiant wealth private coaching experience."  You do need some things in place, to bring it all together… so reach out and let’s see if The Radiant Wealth Private Coaching Experience is a fit for you. 

It’s gonna be an amazing 6 months. Your body will thank you and so will your bank account.  

All my best,



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