Let’s talk about S** Baby… Whoops I meant money!

radiant wealth Sep 22, 2021

More people would prefer to talk about sex than money… actually one study puts the number at 68%.

...And I am talking about the secret details of money like “How much do you make?” or “What is the best way to pay off my debt?” 

I get it. As both subjects are very intimate and we have been raised with stories about both of them, usually disempowering stories around them. 

Creating a healthy and robust relationship with each of them requires us to talk about it. 

When it comes to making more money.

When you start to claim your ideal customer, refine your offerings, products, and services, and align your pricing, and people are sussing you out to work with, you will start to see money coming into your bank account AND you may start to ask yourself bigger questions about money? 


  • I want to pay myself more, can I do that? 
  • Am I saving enough to pay my taxes?  
  • How can I create other income streams or passive income streams? 
  • How can I contribute more to causes that are important to me? 
  • How do I start to build a team and pay them well that supports me and them? 
  • How can I take time off and still have the business run? 
  • How do I create an exit strategy now for when I want to sell the business? 
  • What are my next-level financial roadblocks I see and how do I get past them? (ever heard: another level, another devil)

When you start making money in your business, you may start to look at your money and ask:

How can I make my money work for me vs. always working for my money?

It is the question I hear from established business owners all the time.

I want to make money on my terms. 

But who do you talk to about this stuff? 

This is why I started this business, after having given my own power away to others around money for years (AND I worked on Wall Street, I saw it first hand,) I created 7 principles of money for myself and others to take the power back into my own hands. 

Plus, after last year and the start of the pandemic, I realized that I was built for having these conversations with women. This is what I am here for. 

I wanted to be “in the room” talking about these conversations.  

Because I know I needed someone to talk to about these questions and no one was there. 

Sure people said, go talk to your accountant or financial advisor. But they were just stuffy men seasoned in old-fashioned rules and regulations. 

That was not for me and it might not be for you either. 

What's the money conversation you need to have? 

 I am here for you.


You. Are. Worth. It.


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