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A GENERATIVE way to price your services and offerings Apr 29, 2022

Pricing your offerings can feel so strange at times. But it makes sense why it can feel that way.  

It brings up so much about our own worthiness and value (ugh…. the money energy and mindset work continues.) 

AND I have an easy way for you to integrate ALL that with a...

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Money wanted me to tell you... Apr 21, 2022

I was going to write you all an email about value-based pricing, or how to raise your prices, or how to increase your income quickly by raising your prices but there was a message that was coming through me loud and clear from Money that wanted to be shared with you and it was this:  


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Six Keys to Unlocking Recurring Revenue in Your Business Apr 13, 2022

It is one thing to start to make money in your business and it is another to create recurring revenue in your business.  

In my 15 years plus of running small businesses, accounting for small businesses, and coaching and mentoring women with small businesses, I have come across the six...

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Money Bringing the Stress? Bring it to the Body Mar 29, 2022

Two herniated discs while I was skiing in my twenties led me to>>>


Chiropractic work>Pilates>Pilates training>Yoga>Ayurveda>Kundalini Yoga>Embodiment & Presence study>Breathwork>Movement>>>>> 

And now somatics and trauma-informed...

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My fave tool to clear money blocks…and a simple way to make more money in your biz Mar 23, 2022

You are an entrepreneur. You get it. We are a funny bunch.  

We take risks that many others would not take.  

We take responsibility for creating our own economy. 

We look at our business as a conduit for creating a change in the world, within our family, community, or...

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5 brilliant tricks of the trade to make tax time easier and less painful in your business Mar 11, 2022

I did my taxes early this year. (YAY ME!)

This has NOT always been the case. And yes that is coming from the money queen herself. I usually do them the week before they are due. AND My birthday is April 14th and taxes are usually due April 15th so I at least try to get them...

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