An important decision in your journey to $1M

Aug 09, 2021

I was surprised by her response. She was a woman I had met at a conference in my town a few years ago and had the pleasure of having a connection call with her. She had built her $1Million+ consulting business from the ground up, after letting go of years in a cushy corporate job in computer technology. (I could relate after leaving my cushy Wall Street career and starting my own businesses from scratch.)

No one to pat her on the back when she did a good job.

No one to pick her up when the chips fell.

No one to tell her she could give herself a raise.

No one to tell her that she could spend that amount of money on marketing efforts.

She was on her own.

And it was lonely at the top.

But she had control. The main reason she went out on her own.

I could 100% relate.

But when I asked her what was the one thing that stuck out that had made all the difference in reaching that 7 figure threshold. 

I was surprised by her response.


Her eyes met mine and she slowly answered in three words:

“I let go.”

Me: “What? You let go of what?”

Let go of self limiting beliefs in her money MINDSET. (And really let go. Made a decision and stood in it. No wishy-washy here.)

Let go of having to do it all herself and allowed herself to fully shine in her zone of genius and let her TEAM do the rest.

Let go of controlling TIME and let flow take place.

Let go of thinking her mental capacity was the only thing that would grow her business and started listening to her BODY.

Let go of the small vision she had and stepped fully into her largest VISION of her business and its purpose.

She. Let. Go.

It is so simple, so elegant, so mind-blowing and yet I see SO many women not wanting to let go.

And it was not just this woman. In my research,the interviews of $1M women business owners, and seeing my own clients who are thriving in their multi 6 figure and 7 figure businesses, the answer is similar>>> 

Let go of what is not meant for you and do what is in your business.

And watch your revenue soar. 

This is why the past 5 weeks I offered the 5 Levers that, if you so choose, would allow you or rather give you permission to Let Go To Let In.

Let in:

More money (revenue AND profit)
More clients
More customers
More fulfillment
More freedom
More collaboration
More fun

...and the list goes on.



(If you want to read/re-read the series, see the links at the bottom of this blog post.)

Why we cannot let go

Tony Robbins describes six human needs that drive all human behavior.  These are:

  • Certainty/Comfort: A need to avoid pain, a need for stabilit
  • Variety/Uncertainty: The need for stimulus and change
  • Significance: the need to feel  worthy of attention
  • Love/Inclusion/Connection: the need to connect and belong
  • Contribution: A need to give beyond yourself.
  • Growth/Creativity: A need to develop and expand

It is important to know at a deep level that when you hear others who have left clues to success and you are not picking them up why.

I believe Tony’s six human needs point directly to why I see so many women stall in their income, burn out in their business, and give up.

So my question to you is twofold:

  • What do you REALLY want?
  • What of the six need(s) above are driving your behavior to not let go and let in what you really want?

The more you know yourself, the easier it will be to increase your income.
I am here for you when you want to Let Go to Let In.

Until next time… All my best, 

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