Building a 6-7 figure business isn’t about money, it’s about this

Jul 23, 2021

Ready for an unpopular opinion coming from a money coach? 

Money is a terrible motivator.

Therefore, from this point on, I give you permission to stop focusing on the money. 
This week in Letting Go to Let In, we are looking at next-level feminine financial leadership through the lens of mindset. Money mindset, of course.

“Money mindset” is a buzz phrase in personal and professional development circles for good reason.

Your money mindset, as I define it, is divided into three parts:

  • your energy of money
  • your beliefs around money 
  • and a whole lotta emotion thrown in for good measure. 

Your money mindset drives your decision making, how you attract (or repel) money flow into your life, and it will have a big impact on whether you achieve your financial and business goals. 

AND, for this week, I want you to let go of thinking about money. 

If you have a big financial goal, a quarterly revenue number you want to hit, or an annual profit number you want to achieve, or a contribution goal, or a launch revenue number — I want you to stop focusing on it.

Instead, this week we are going to focus on the people you will get to serve while achieving that money goal.

Pull in the excitement, the vision, the potential of all the people you will reach. How will their lives improve from you and your team supporting them?

reverse-engineer in the money piece. 

For example, I have a goal to hit $100K in profit in 8 months. 

Instead of focusing on the $100K number, I run my numbers and come up with how many people I get to help and focus on that entirely. That will bring me to my profit goal and let the money work itself out. 

The emotion that gets driven up in your physical body is a key driver to your money mindset.

For most women, money itself brings up all the blocks, the old stories, doubt, fear. 

About being selfish

About money being “the root of all evil”

About guilt of having, when others don’t

When we re-engineer the formula by
focusing on who we serve, you’ll silence those stories and doubts, but you may find some new ones. Like: 

  • I love my clients, I’m so excited to work with them, but am I earning enough?
  • Am I doing enough?
  • Am I focusing on my business enough? 
  • If I stop looking at the numbers, will everything crumble?

Am I enough?

Our goal is to move you to the higher vibration of pure enthusiasm, joy and love. That vibration is the one that attracts the money we want, with the joy that should come with it.

To get there, I want you to focus on the list of people you get to serve this week. Think about what you love about them, what excites you about working with them, who inspires you, who wakes you up because their energy is so positive. Ground yourself into those feelings. And let the rest drop away.

How does that feel?

Letting go of the attachment to money, let’s in the money

Talk about getting out of your own way!

Are you up for trying this out as a daily practice this week? 

Stop thinking about the money.  Start thinking about the people. Including yourself. 

All my best…

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