The Single Most Important Exercise To Allow More Money In

let go Jul 06, 2021

When it comes to money, most women equate money with safety, security, and/or freedom. 

Security was, and still is, a huge value in my family. 

I am the only entrepreneur in my family, so when I decided to start my own business, I remember excitedly sharing with my dad that I had graduated from coaching school, passed the exam, had all the hours and was ready to go out on my own as a coach.  His reply: “Does that come with a pension?”

Haha… not funny Dad.

I thought about his response for days, telling myself, “No it comes with nothing. I am starting with nothing.” And I dropped into that familiar feeling of worry, fear and doubt that had plagued me for most of my life.

I had put the coaching program on a credit card, a hefty amount. I had no clients, and I was apprehensive about paying my monthly bills.

The story was reinforced that... 

Money = Security.

And it does to a certain extent.

BUT there is something else that is even more important than whether I had the money or not. 

Something that determines whether we live or die. Talk about security

How we take care of our body, our health. 

Our health is truly wealth. If we do not take care of our body, no amount of money will take the place of the security, safety and freedom that our body can give us. 

We have been cut off from our bodies in the pursuit of growing a business, hitting the 6, multi-6 and 7 figure business. Compromising well-being over the almighty dollar


For many reasons. 

I began to think: can’t health and wealth live together? 

Our bodies are the lifeblood (literally) of our business and increasing the income of our business. 

I have heard so many women be concerned about growing their business but afraid they don't have the capacity to do what it takes to grow bigger. That they would have to sacrifice their gym time, hiking time, cooking time, family time, if they were to take on any more.

That is where this week’s simple, but potent, practice comes into play. 


I bet you didn't think I would start here…:)

Oh my friend, I did say we do things differently here. 

Breathwork relieves stress, clears energy, and turns on our receptor sites for what we want to come in to come in.Can you say, “Hello cash flow…”?

As you move through your week, use this short breathing exercise to come back to your breath. 

Tap on this short video and experience deep relaxation, receptivity, and expansion.

The more I allow safety and security through my body, my internal source, vs external sources such as money, the more MAGNETIC I become, the better decisions I make, the more money I make, and less I work. 

Are you wanting some more of that my dear?

Well then breathe.  

Until next week.

All my best,


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