Your financial vision drives your revenue, here’s how to keep it in focus

Aug 02, 2021

When you started your business, you most likely had to wear ALL the hats. Because the income wasn't or you weren't sure who to bring and what you needed. 

Or you didn't know how to receive support. 

(A BIG issue I see in women not making the money they want!)

Those first years in business require you to lay the financial foundation for the confidence and clarity to create recurring revenue.  

Stepping into next level income generation and leverage is about making your money work for you and that requires having a Financial VISION and connecting to it often.  

You do have a Financial Vision, right?

Holding a strong, clear financial vision as the leader requires you to keep tending it. Which is easy to say, but hard to do when you are running all over the place to keep your business going. 

To get back to tending your financial vision, you have to delegate the things outside of your zone of genius. You know that. You’ve heard it before.

I have been sharing that idea during the Letting Go to Let In series

Here are my Three F’s to a radiant Financial Vision Statement that will catapult you into your next desired revenue and profitability levels. 

#1 “F”: Freedom

Yes it is ok to have everything you want, you are not 8 years old anymore.

This step is about getting clear on what you want for your business and your money. 

~What is important to you when it comes to your money? 

~How much money do you want your business to make over the next 12 months? 

~What do you want this money to do for you? 

~What is the money for? 

I suggest you get into a relaxed state (Insider tip: Use the potent breathing exercise from Week 1 Letting Go to Let In series to access a relaxed and receptive state) 

Then write responses to the above questions. 

KEY principle here: DO NOT EDIT yourself. This is your time, your space to tap into desire without judgment (yours or others.) You get to have FUN with this… Bonus “F” 

#2 “F”: Flexibility

Why do women lose their financial vision? Often because their vision becomes very rigid and does not leave room for adaptability as the business evolves. As the person evolves. 

Money is not linear. If you are wanting to create wealth, you must think in non linear terms about money which requires flexibility and creativity in the vision. 

To allow flexibility in your Financial Vision Statement, consider how the vision FEELS. How the vision relates to your core VALUES, and how it fits into your overall LIFESTYLE. 

This creates FULFILLMENT… Bonus “F.”

#3 “F”: Focus

Once you identify your vision, what you need to actually be able to hold your vision  effectively is more support, more accountability, and having structure that allows you to get things done and get you working in your Zone of Genius. 

For example, my clients love going through their numbers with me, because they have someone holding their financial vision with them effectively and efficiently which gets them back to focusing on their Queen Bee Role which is the core function in their business that their success hinges on. 

Focusing on what you do best with a vision in place is where your future financial lies. 

Now it’s time to get working on your Financial Vision Statement. 

Say yes to your vision.

All my best,

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