You know that Big Business Mastermind you were in that totally didn’t work? Yeah, I was in that one too.

radiant wealth Aug 19, 2021

I have spent lots of money (In the 6 figure range) in business masterminds and coaching programs over the years and have learned a lot, made great friendships, and established amazing power partners, but I always feel one thing is missing. 

I bet you have spent a lot of time, energy, and money on masterminding, coaching programs, and group work to grow your business and your income. 

You felt you might have missed something too.

The problem I see is…

...that these business coaching programs for service-based entrepreneurs only scratch the surface about money and finances AND typically look at money mostly from a masculine perspective.  (Women do not make money like men, so why use a system designed by the patriarchy to keep women down about money??)

These programs can lead to exacerbated shame, guilt, and burnout and no increase in their income. 

So you actually can end up worse off than you started. 

We do things differently here. 

We are entering into a new way of working with money. One that is steeped in expansion, values, intuitive wisdom, and is quite powerful and abundant.

A money story that is designed for you by you.  

Quite different from the old, stodgy male financial advisor with a tie and an ill-fitting suit sitting at a mahogany desk telling you what to do with your money. 

Ain’t it time? 

When you want to increase your income, participating in a general business coaching program or mastermind is like going to a general practitioner when you need a specialist. 

The missing key is the deeper work required to transform your money mindset into a money-making superpower. 

Maybe you have thought about it and have decided that you do not want to do the deeper work around money and just want to hang out with a bunch of high-powered women, drinking wine on zoom, that’s cool. 

What I do and what I offer is not that. 

It is not that because getting into alignment with your financial flow and your inherent abundance is not about lead generation, funnels, or Facebook ads. It is about tapping into five levers within you that you have access to at all times, but no one has shown you how to work with powerfully, from a woman's perspective. 

Here's what I am talking about. 

Luminous wealth for women who flourish.

Are you interested in: 

💎Leveraging your TIME to boost revenue with maximum intention and minimal stress?

💎Having an empowered TEAM that helps you confidently scale without compromising your emotional and financial well-being?

💎Amplifying your MONEY MINDSET for results-driven, sustainable revenue generation, and forward-looking money management?

💎Receiving crystal clear focus on your business & financial VISION to help you stay motivated AND stay fully present in your personal life?

💎Strengthening your MONEY BODY – Reclaiming your health and increasing your capacity for more wealth without burning out?

If yes, then stay tuned for 

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This is finally your time to make money.

Like a woman.


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