How to Shift from a Scarcity Mindset to an Abundant Mindset

Aug 20, 2020

I don’t think the word abundance came into my vocabulary until my 30s when I realized the opposite and brought this into my awareness: 

I was living in scarcity.

Scarcity was the foundation of my core operating system for most of my life up until that awareness.

And when I noticed it was everywhere.

Scarcity was the perspective I took when I lost my job, when I lost my house, when I thought I was going to be homeless on the street, when I looked at my bank account.

It was the lens I looked at life through. Not a fun way to experience life as it produces fear, worry, and doubt and many of you may be feeling that way too right now.

Even when you want to make more money. Even when you want better in your life.

A scarcity mindset runs underneath it all and can sabotages your efforts.

So, what is a girl to do?

That Abundance is your birthright.

You may be aware of scarcity in your life.

You may not have labeled it as such, like I did, but when we have one end of the spectrum (scarcity in this case) we also must have the other: Abundance.

When you come from and abundant mindset, you begin to change the amount of money you are bringing in.

Want to change the money in your life?

Change your perspective. Your baseline mindset must be abundance.

I dive deep into this work in Be The Queen of Your Money Online Program (where visionary business women redesign their money beliefs for expansive income growth in 60 days and start calling in your big money goals)

But you can grab my top tool for cleaning up your money mindset into one that thinks abundantly right here. 

You are inherently abundant now you just need to remind your mind that you are!

Let me know what comes up, I would love to hear from you. Just respond to this email and I will get back to you with all the abundance I see reflected in you!


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