Do you have this repellent money energy?

Nov 06, 2020

There is an incredibly repellent energy out there that slows down money coming to you.

It is steeped in desperation, future fears, lack, and comparison.

I had it for years.


I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t care.

I just knew at some point, I had to look at it.

What is it?


Impatience is a big repellent energy of money.

Impatience breeds resistance.

And if you are in resistance to money you are not in FLOW with money.

Flow and resistance are mutually exclusive.

How do you know if you are an impatient person?

  • Often thinking some future moment/experience will be better than the present moment
  • Often saying “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money.” And I mean often.
  • Perhaps, short attention span or inability to focus for lengths of time on a present moment
  • You have burnt your tongue on a bowl of soup because you were too impatient to eat it. 😊

How do I know this?

I am a reforming impatient person and have definitely done that last one many times.

I want it now.

The idea that some future moment is better than this one, slows down everything from happening sooner. Counterintuitive, eh?

The idea that wanting the money now, the house now, the clients now, the happiness now is the exact thing that is actually repelling it from happening now.

Are you an impatient person when it comes to wanting what you want when it comes to your money?

If so, I have a tool for you…. 

I want you to think of a timeline in your imagination.

On that timeline, think of the part of you that is now the wanting part. The impatient part. The part of you right now, perhaps wanting the money.  

Feel the feeling of:

  • “I am not there yet.
  • I want the money to be in my bank account now.
  • When is it going to come?
  • I am doing all the things.
  • I am frustrated it is not happening and I need it now.”

Really lean into that part of you.

Ok now, on that imaginary timeline, I want you to think of the version of you that has less money than you do right now.

The version of you that is in more scarcity, more lack, that has less money flowing to her than she does now. And notice her on the spectrum of this timeline. Feel into her. Probably pretty easy for most of you to access.

Now I want you to connect to a third version of you.

A version of you who has more money than you do now, how I would say is the Queen of her money. Who has money flowing to her and through her with ease and grace. The part of you that is patient, lives in trust, and lives in abundance. And lean into her. Really start to feel into this part of you, albeit even in a small way.

So, you have these 3 versions of you: the part of you now, the part that has less money than you do now, and the part of you that has more money than you do now.

I bet that you can access the first and second part of you more easily than the last version of you.  I bet the less money version of you, you can feel “closer” than the wealthier part of you. That part might feel far away.

And that, that distance, is why impatience comes in and is in turn is pushing money away from you.

The AHA….The kicker is you have access to all three parts of you equally at any given moment.  If you can have access to a part of you, and feel that part of you, that has less money than you currently do, than you have equal access to the part of you that has more money than you currently do.

To stop the repellent energy of money with your impatience…

Start to cultivate and access, acknowledge the part of you and the awareness of you right now that is abundant, is confident about her ability to make more money, is trusting. This is duality. The law of polarity at play.

Start to feel her closer to you in your mind’s eye. Practice seeing her closer to you than further away.

Embody her now, tap into her energy now and your impatience will dwindle massively, and your bank account will in turn increase more quickly.

Be grateful for all the parts of yourself. Even in the impatient part, because there is an equally patient and open part of you that is ready to receive right in this moment.

Let me know how this goes for you. Simply comment below or email me at [email protected] and I will respond and witness you in your transformation.


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