What is Underearning and are you an Underearner?

Aug 27, 2020

Hey my friend… Do you know how much I have been thinking of you and how I can serve you?


Why? Because at one time, I had no one to talk to about my money, because I was embarrassed, ashamed, and thought, “Who would want to hear my problems?”

That is why I am here. I want to hear your money problems.

And an undercurrent of many of the money problems I hear from women like you is…


Not a topic most want to talk about and I believe it is a missing link to making the money you really want to make.

What is Underearning and are you an Underearner?

Underearning is when you earn less than you know you are capable of earning and you really desire to earn more.

You are not underearning if you are completely and honestly happy in the amount of money you make. Key word being honest.

If you are justifying underearning because you feel having more money will make you greedy or its not virtuous to make more money or you don’t need a lot.

That is not helpful and perpetuates shame in your life.

So stop justifying underearning if you want to make more.

You get to choose and only can determine if you are an under earning.

That is why I put together a short quiz to help guide you to your own understanding of underearning for you.

Get the quiz here 

If you think you are an underearner, then I want to personally invite you to my completely free 5 day challenge: Breakthrough Your Money Ceiling. This is 5 days to you finding where you are stuck when it comes to making more money, why you are stuck and how to create a bigger and more receptive "money container" to fill up.

In addition, you will identify the opportunities right in front of you to increase your income, even if you feel you have been stuck at a certain income level for a long time.

This free challenge (aka training) will get you in the embodiment of what is really possible for you with money.

So check out the details here, we start September 7th 10AM MDT

I thought I had no one to talk to about money at one time. I am not willing to let that be the case for millions of women who feel they have no one to talk to about money and the possibilities of what money can do for us as women and our world.

I hope to see you there! Let’s see how high you can fly.

To your money breakthrough!


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