Are you a women business owner who is REALLY ready to look at her money "stuff" so she can finally make the money she wants?

In our 5 days together you will walk away with clarity on where you are stuck when it comes to making more money, create a bigger and more receptive "money container" to fill up, and identify the opportunities right in front of you to bring more money to you, even if you feel you have been stuck at a certain income level for a long time.

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Breakthrough Your Money Ceiling


Five Day Challenge

Here's what you will learn:

Day 1

My simple exercise, yet highly effective way to identify your current money ceiling.

Day 2

Understand the four emotional triggers that keep you stuck at a certain income level.

Day 3

What it takes to break through your money ceiling by looking at your money floor. (Most people never look at their money floor, so this concept is mind (and money) blowing!).

Day 4

Reveal the hidden energy you already have within you that channels income into your business.

Day 5

Elevate your income potential and power by now being able to clearly see the financial opportunities right in front of you.

Cherie Monteferrante

"Christine is an amazingly intuitive coach who listened to my views with no judgement and gave me assignments that changed my view of money."

Aubry Hoffman

"Working with Christine Walsh changed everything for me! I have made more money in 2020 than all of 2019 combined, this is a large part due to applying what I learned from Christine about the energy of money."

Nickey Sampson

"I am so grateful for the “real” money work we have done to get me prepared for this next stage in my life. Settling doesn’t work for me anymore due to your genius!"

 You are hitting your money ceiling if you:

* You know you are undercharging for what you do.

* You feel a lack of control over your money which leads to frustration and overwhelm.

* You feel stuck and you don’t what know the next “right” step to bring more money into your life is.

* say to yourself often, “This is hard” about how to make money.

The good thing when you recognize you are hitting your ceiling, you also become aware of how you can raise it. 

Let me show you the steps too raising your money ceiling, creating a larger money container, and  increasing your income ASAP.

By the end of this challenge you will:

* be crystal clear on where your money ceiling is so you can raise it.

* experience an upgrade in your ability to receive more money and embody it for long-lasting shift increasing your income and abundance.

* improve your overall relationship with money.

I cannot wait to see you breakthrough your money ceiling!

Join the Five Day Challenge

Hi I'm Christine Walsh...


I love all things energy. 

Especially the ENERGY of MONEY. 

Because that is what drives your financial results primarily.  

Beyond mindset, beyond budgets, beyond cutting out Starbucks lattes.

The ENERGY of how you relate to your money determines your results.

I am here to show you how to use your energy to create more income, abundance, and joy in your life AND finances!

Join me in this 5 Day challenge to Breakthrough Your Money Ceiling and experience what is possible.