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 My nuggets of money, business, and life wisdom. 

All intentionally written by me to help you step into your full financial power and potential.

Drop the money guilt already.

Credit card debt.

Losing money on that stock recommendation. 

Bought those gorjuss suede boots at full price that cost a month of groceries and now have a pit in your stomach.

Not putting away money earlier for retirement.

Cash flow issues that close down your business.

Foreclosure on your first home and having to live with a friend. 

Feeling guilty for having more than others. 

Feeling guilty that you received an inheritance because someone passed. 


All of these scenarios can bring on the feeling of guilt, the feeling of remorse for doing something wrong or making a mistake.


...And a reason why you may be experiencing a financial ceiling in your business.  


Money and guilt have been connected at the hip for ages for many, many reasons from religious reasons to societal reasons to the way we grew up.


From my experience coaching 100’s of people around the topic of money and its emotional impact on our ability to increase...

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Money: A Great Love Story?

Remember what it was (is) like to fall in love?

  • The anticipation of knowing the next time you would see each other 
  • The curiosity in getting to know each other 
  • The joy of experiencing things together.

It’s so present moment. Falling in love is so now. So amplified.

That is my invitation to you this week, with Valentine’s Day in our midst.

The invitation to consider is falling in love with money.

Not in the notion of “you love money” the egoic attachment of it…

But in the notion of how can I be in the excitement of, the curiosity of, the joy of being in alignment with money.

Maybe that is it.

Maybe its not even falling in love with money.

But being in alignment.


Being in alignment with money and being in partnership.

Whole new possibilities arise when we look through the lens of love.

At everything.


Even with money.


Money is a form of life force energy. We exchange it for something of value to add, enhance our lives....

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27 things that create an abundant entrepreneur

After working with 100’s of people around money and business (including myself!)…

I wanted to share with you 26 things that I have seen indicate that a person will be an abundant and well-resourced entrepreneur and create the success they want....




Success does leave clues…

Here are some nuggets to chew on: 

  1. They are curious.

  2. They have a vision and stay close to it every day.

  3. They want to know about money management: what is working and what is not working. 

  4. They do not look for evidence in the world that they are not good at making, and managing money. They don’t make it hard for themselves to prove their value in the world. 

  5. They are comfortable talking about money with others, especially their consumers and prospects.

  6. They know what the money is for. What the purpose of the money they are generating is specifically for. 

  7. They understand the importance of the cyclical nature of money:...

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Easiest way to create money PLUS the secret sauce to more money

I’ll make this easy for you. 

You get to decide if it is simple enough for you to do so… 

I make suggestions, you make decisions.  🙂


There are several ways to create more money in your small business. 


  • Offer more services/products
  • Sell to more people
  • Raise your prices
  • Leverage the assets in your business: team, vision, time, money, and you: your energy, mindset, body 
  • Engage with more prospects/leads/customers and increase the percentage of people that buy that you get in front of


“So Christine, enough blabbing, give it to us…Which is the quickest and easiest way to make more money in my business? “


Ok here you go. Ready for it?


Raise your prices. 


They quickest, the easiest way.


Now notice what came up for you, when you read that statement.

If you felt any contraction or resistance to that, notice that. 


It is most likely showing you a money block of yours....

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Raise your abundance limit in 30 days...

What if all it took was 30 days?

30 days is not a lot of time and sometimes it feels like forever.

In 2022 I committed to 12 months of 30 days... of something (more to come down below).. to expand my business.

And by expand I mean:

  • more money in my bank account at the end of each month
  • a more ideal business model that included much more space in my week
  • and growing my team to one new executive assistant, a project manager, and a virtual assistant, plus a new accountant

Robust expansion in my eyes.

And it all started with a decision. A commitment.

To 30 days.




What stops you from commitment?

  • Shiny object syndrome? (yeah me too)
  • Afraid you will make a mistake? (yeah me too)
  • Think you might be ousted from the family tree? (so with ya!)
  • or maybe you feel you are not worthy of the result the commitment might bring you.... (i see you human and know that feeling.)


So why bother?

Why bother committing?

When it can all go sooooo wrong?


Because it can also...

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Money as Stewardship

I distinctly remember the session I had years ago with a client when she was having such a rough time around the idea of receiving money.  


She had the number two money myth I see most often from conscious women running businesses that massively hold them back from increasing their income. A deep-seated belief about money that goes simply like this: 


Money is evil. 

Therefore, if you have a lot of money or make a lot of money, you are evil.


It is insidious. It is sneaky. Because she never said that straight up to me and most women don’t but instead, it showed up for her and many others, as “It is not spiritual to make money.” 


So how was she going to increase her income, what she told me she wanted to do, with that sneaky belief swimming around her head? 


She wasn’t. 


I asked her if she had lots of money, the money she was dreaming about having come into her business, what might she...

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The #1 thing I did to have my best revenue month (with oodles of profit to boot)

I am celebrating the best revenue month in my business this past month! Hootie hoo…


Celebrating the things I have put in place to receive to flow that “cash-ola” into my stewardship.


AND after years of not knowing how to celebrate my wins (on to the next thing, can you relate?) I have learned how important it is to let it land and actually celebrate the wins…. To fully RECEIVE the fruits of my efforts & intention. So took my hubby out to dinner and we toasted to the sweet abundance.


Celebrating is the emotion of receptivity.


When we appreciate and receive what has come to us, we essentially are saying “I am open to more Universe if you are listening.” Which she is.


In reflection on hitting this goal, I realized that there was one action I took that rose to the top of the list as the primary contributor to the financial win.


It wasn’t a big launch or a massive social media blitz, I actually...

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I am a money avoider.

I am a money avoider. 


The whole reason I started this coaching business to empower women to make money on their own terms was that I was a money avoider. 


It is vulnerable to share that.


But I was and still am… (Everything is energy. Nothing goes away, it gets integrated and transmutes into another form of energy.)


Many of you know my story… 


Picture it… Queens, NYC 1993… 

Deciding what to major in in school. 

Tried marketing, tried economics, tried philosophy… settled in on finance. International finance with accounting as a minor. 


Business school was where I was headed so I could get a big job in the financial center of the world. NYC.

And that I did. 

Climbed the corporate world ladder eventually securing that corner office on the 26th floor overlooking Central Park with the fancy corporate title and salary to match. 2003 


Fast forward several years,...

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Want to make more money with less stress?

There is a saying out there that money loves speed. What that means is that the quicker you make decisions about your money (in business or in life) the quicker money will come to you. It is energetic reciprocity.

As you act on the decision, the next step clearly unfolds itself towards what you desire with having more money.

And being that the source of money is universal energy, divine, God of your understanding, you could also say the universe loves speed.

Talk about Leverage, decisions create multiple opportunities. Opportunities are abundance.

Want more abundance, make a decision today.

So being a Reflector in the world of Human Design, I am told to wait 28 days, a full moon cycle, to make a decision… not super helpful in the “money loves speed” convo

In Radiant Wealth, my money mastermind, we capitalize on three ways to make decisions with purpose, clarity, and quickness.

This results in money flowing easily into us with less stress and overwhelm.


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What If vs. How To

“What If” kinda gals have all the financial power.

If you are in my world, you want to increase your income, you want to increase your profitability (in other words what goes in your wallet) without giving up your morals in order to do so .

BUT, you have noticed a plateau in your income, your profitability is nowhere to be seen and you're AGAIN following someone else’s “formula” which AGAIN is not jibe-ing with you, leaving you feeling disappointed AGAIN.

Hence how ya find yourself in the "How To" search on Google AGAIN.

Listen, I am a sucker for a good “How To” YouTube video on how to create the most amazing French Silk Pie or increase my typing skills (which I am starting from a low base, let me tell ya) or how to create a 7 figure business with a quantum leap.

Have you noticed how excited you feel when a “How to Triple Your Income in 6 Minutes” subject line pops up in your inbox…?!? Even when you can sniff out the BS...

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