A tool to support your financial goals with ease and grace

May 24, 2023

Do you like checking off a To-Do List like I do?


When it comes to creating an abundant financial container (aka foundation) for your business and life, it can help to have a checklist.


For ease, I put together a list of activities that I have done to ensure my financial container flourishes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Get in partnership with your finances and transform this relationship with money today with this checklist.

(Pro tip: choose what works best for you today. You don't have TO DO them ALL!)


Here they are for your reference and inspiration: (In NO particular order)



  • Check your bank account(s): Notice what body sensation (if any) comes up for you. Can you be grateful for what is and what is to come?
  • Track your spending with your values: Indicate transactions in your bank account that align with your highest values that you want to live by.
  • What is your Revenue Generating Activity for today? Do it first thing
  • Listen to a meditation about receiving and/or abundance
  • Read/Listen to something financial related
  • Consciously be aware of abundance in your world: Nature is great for this
  • Forgive yourself for a past money mistake, disempowering money habit or thought
  • Know at a deep cellular level, money doesn't come from other people, it comes through other people, from where everything else comes from: Source energy
  • Say "Thank you" everything is happening for your growth



  • Review your bookkeeping: Enter/Accept transactions into your bookkeeping system and match bank transactions to your books (aka reconcile)
  • File receipts
  • Review your cash flow management: what is your starting bank balance this week, what's coming in, what's going out, what will your ending bank balance be at the end of this week
  • Work on medium to long term Revenue Generating ideas
  • Check in with an accountability money buddy or a community that talks about finances in an empowering way 
  • Be kind to yourself

This month

  • Review your Profit and Loss Statement for the previous month and identify money flows (wins) and money leaks. What is my revenue, what is profitability?
  • Review your Balance Sheet to connect to the health of your business
  • Follow up on Accounts Receivable. What money is outstanding?
  • What is my Financial Intentional Goal for this coming month? Qualitative: Intention: how do you want to feel with money this month?) and Quantitative: A number goal/outcome
  • Receive expert financial support: hire a money coach. I have space open for 1 new client to claim their new money identity and create the financial cash flow they want on their terms. Jump on my calendar for a no pressure Money Clarity Call. Uncover your #1 Money Block (it's not what you think) and get resources to move through it in 2023.
  • Explore an online money course. My Money Revolution Lab, a 5 module self-study course jam packed with money nuggets of wisdom and practical steps to embody your own money revolution and evolution, is only $97 (normally $297). You can grab it here at this link.
  • Read a money related book. My book is out! Be The Queen of Your Money: How to Create Financial Freedom with Ease and Grace. Buy directly from me and get a signed copy OR buy from Amazon.
  • Review pricing of offerings, products, services. Time to raise, lower? Add more value? Streamline? Simplify? Expand?
  • Embrace the unknown, that is where the money magic is.


So go ahead...

check it off

cross it off

feel that satisfaction....

and watch your money grow.


AND for goodness sakes, have fun with it.

I seriously believe we weren't placed on this planet to struggle with money... there has to be a better way. And there is!

Let your financial goals and dreams be supported by your money checklist!




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