How can I quickly and confidently increase my prices?

Jan 31, 2024

The simplest way to increase your income

and your profitability... 

is to raise your prices. 


The simplest way to raise your prices. 

Make a decision to raise your prices. 

Yep, pretty simple. Make the decision to do so and move on.


Simple? Perhaps.

But easy? 

Not always.


The first thing I look at in a business when a woman works with me is her pricing. 

It is the first place I see underearning occur and typically the simplest to address. 

And it can help solve so many financial issues in a business:

  • Cash flow mismanagement
  • Revenue crunches
  • Profitability leaks 

 Want an easier route to increase your pricing

(AND get a bonus critical business skill down pat at the same time?)

Start with learning sales strategies that build your confidence 

And then it is so much easier and simple to raise your prices. 

Here's a short-ish list of why? 


Effective Value Communication: First and foremost, building a strong sales process

allows you to effectively communicate the unique value and benefits of your services,

offers, and products to prospects. When prospects clearly understand the value they will receive,

they are willing to pay to receive that value. Money flows to value. All. Day. Long.


Handling Objections: When your prospect raises concerns about your pricing,

you can address these objections with confidence and demonstrate

why the higher price is justified based on the value offered.


Confidence Increases: When you are are confident in your sales abilities, 

you are more likely to stand firm on your pricing and communicate its worth effectively.

And this leads to the prospect seeing you as the expert you are and how you can help 

them get the results they are looking for.


When you align your pricing with the value you deliver and effectively

communicate that value to prospects, selling naturally happens,

and now you are creating your own economy.

Simple and easy. 

Big love.  


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