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Money as Stewardship Nov 21, 2022

I distinctly remember the session I had years ago with a client when she was having such a rough time around the idea of receiving money.  


She had the number two money myth I see most often from conscious women running businesses that massively hold them back from increasing...

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The #1 thing I did to have my best revenue month (with oodles of profit to boot) Nov 17, 2022

I am celebrating the best revenue month in my business this past month! Hootie hoo…


Celebrating the things I have put in place to receive to flow that “cash-ola” into my stewardship.


AND after years of not knowing how to celebrate my wins (on to the next thing,...

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I am a money avoider. Oct 30, 2022

I am a money avoider. 


The whole reason I started this coaching business to empower women to make money on their own terms was that I was a money avoider. 


It is vulnerable to share that.


But I was and still am… (Everything is energy. Nothing goes away, it...

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Want to make more money with less stress? Oct 02, 2022

There is a saying out there that money loves speed. What that means is that the quicker you make decisions about your money (in business or in life) the quicker money will come to you. It is energetic reciprocity.

As you act on the decision, the next step clearly unfolds itself towards what you...

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What If vs. How To Sep 16, 2022

“What If” kinda gals have all the financial power.

If you are in my world, you want to increase your income, you want to increase your profitability (in other words what goes in your wallet) without giving up your morals in order to do so .

BUT, you have noticed a plateau in your...

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Is a woman's cash flow issues due to receptivity? Sep 15, 2022

How much money are you REALLY allowing in?


This past week I had the opportunity to speak to two women entrepreneurs (not clients) about money resistance and money flow.


One woman was ALL about receiving money. She knew how much she needed and wanted and was completely open to ALL...

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