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How to set yourself up to RECEIVE your Money Goals this Quarter

Remember when you were a kid and time took SOOO long to go by. The school year, waiting for the holiday break, the actual holiday break, summertime days.

And then you become an adult and time passes by so quickly.

We are in autumn already here in the northern hemisphere. The 4th quarter of the year is approaching starting October 1st!

It is crazy.

Time is crazy.

Much about time-bending is about being present. Being in this exact moment as it is.

That is why as kids time felt longer. We were very much living more in the present moment.

Instead of asking what your 4th quarter financial goals are and what tactics and strategies you will act upon to create those goals….

I want you to consider how you can be more present this quarter to create what financial goals you want this quarter.

How can you live in the moment to moment of your days more mindfully?

How can you savor the richness of the moment to have it last a little longer?

It is important to recognize the potency and...

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Let’s talk about S** Baby… Whoops I meant money!

More people would prefer to talk about sex than money… actually one study puts the number at 68%.

...And I am talking about the secret details of money like “How much do you make?” or “What is the best way to pay off my debt?” 

I get it. As both subjects are very intimate and we have been raised with stories about both of them, usually disempowering stories around them. 

Creating a healthy and robust relationship with each of them requires us to talk about it. 

When it comes to making more money.

When you start to claim your ideal customer, refine your offerings, products, and services, and align your pricing, and people are sussing you out to work with, you will start to see money coming into your bank account AND you may start to ask yourself bigger questions about money? 


  • I want to pay myself more, can I do that? 
  • Am I saving enough to pay my taxes?  
  • How can I create other income streams or passive...
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I’ve already looked at my money stuff, why am I stuck again?

For a year,  I studied sales. Nothing but sales. I knew I wasn’t good at it, but I also knew it was what moved money into my business. 

And I started to see the success I originally dreamed of.

And then a plateau. 

I was like WTF, I know what moves money into my business, why is this happening?

At a certain level, it’s your product, your sales team, your work ethic. What’s gotten you this far is learning how to do business really well. How to do money well. 

Well enough. 

What has gotten you here, most likely will not get you there.

What happens when you’re in that critical moment when your business is gaining traction, the idea is working, the prospects are inquiring and you’re so overwhelmed keeping pace, thar “not enoughness” is still a factor even at as you rise in success (yes, even multi-six and seven figure businesses have this. I know because I work with them.) 

Eventually, you’ll hit a money wall,...

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“I don’t like to talk about money in a group”

It makes total sense, because so did I.


Yep, this money expert at one point in her life did not want ANYONE to know about her money stuff.


One is because I was taught to not talk about money with others. It was considered rude. Second, I was full of shame and embarrassment about my money situation at the time.


Guess what that added up to?


More shame and embarrassment. Money fears, worries, and doubts fester in silence.


When you feel you can not share your money stuff with someone, you allow shame and guilt to perpetuate, which is NOT good for growing your income.


Talk about a money block!?!


What peeves me lately in all this "MAKE MORE MONEY & IMPACT" in the coaching industry is this....


...that people are forgetting that with the responsibility of making more money comes the responsibility of cleaning up your money $hit. 


This cannot be done in a silo.


If you only go for making more money without a...

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You know that Big Business Mastermind you were in that totally didn’t work? Yeah, I was in that one too.

I have spent lots of money (In the 6 figure range) in business masterminds and coaching programs over the years and have learned a lot, made great friendships, and established amazing power partners, but I always feel one thing is missing. 

I bet you have spent a lot of time, energy, and money on masterminding, coaching programs, and group work to grow your business and your income. 

You felt you might have missed something too.

The problem I see is…

...that these business coaching programs for service-based entrepreneurs only scratch the surface about money and finances AND typically look at money mostly from a masculine perspective.  (Women do not make money like men, so why use a system designed by the patriarchy to keep women down about money??)

These programs can lead to exacerbated shame, guilt, and burnout and no increase in their income. 

So you actually can end up worse off than you started. 

We do things differently here. 

We are entering...

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An important decision in your journey to $1M

I was surprised by her response. She was a woman I had met at a conference in my town a few years ago and had the pleasure of having a connection call with her. She had built her $1Million+ consulting business from the ground up, after letting go of years in a cushy corporate job in computer technology. (I could relate after leaving my cushy Wall Street career and starting my own businesses from scratch.)

No one to pat her on the back when she did a good job.

No one to pick her up when the chips fell.

No one to tell her she could give herself a raise.

No one to tell her that she could spend that amount of money on marketing efforts.

She was on her own.

And it was lonely at the top.

But she had control. The main reason she went out on her own.

I could 100% relate.

But when I asked her what was the one thing that stuck out that had made all the difference in reaching that 7 figure threshold. 

I was surprised by her response.


Her eyes met mine and she slowly answered in three words:...

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Your financial vision drives your revenue, here’s how to keep it in focus

When you started your business, you most likely had to wear ALL the hats. Because the income wasn't or you weren't sure who to bring and what you needed. 

Or you didn't know how to receive support. 

(A BIG issue I see in women not making the money they want!)

Those first years in business require you to lay the financial foundation for the confidence and clarity to create recurring revenue.  

Stepping into next level income generation and leverage is about making your money work for you and that requires having a Financial VISION and connecting to it often.  

You do have a Financial Vision, right?

Holding a strong, clear financial vision as the leader requires you to keep tending it. Which is easy to say, but hard to do when you are running all over the place to keep your business going. 

To get back to tending your financial vision, you have to delegate the things outside of your zone of genius. You know that. You’ve heard it before.

I have...

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Building a 6-7 figure business isn’t about money, it’s about this

Ready for an unpopular opinion coming from a money coach? 

Money is a terrible motivator.

Therefore, from this point on, I give you permission to stop focusing on the money. 
This week in Letting Go to Let In, we are looking at next-level feminine financial leadership through the lens of mindset. Money mindset, of course.

“Money mindset” is a buzz phrase in personal and professional development circles for good reason.

Your money mindset, as I define it, is divided into three parts:

  • your energy of money
  • your beliefs around money 
  • and a whole lotta emotion thrown in for good measure. 

Your money mindset drives your decision making, how you attract (or repel) money flow into your life, and it will have a big impact on whether you achieve your financial and business goals. 

AND, for this week, I want you to let go of thinking about money. 

If you have a big financial goal, a quarterly revenue number you want to hit, or an annual profit number you...

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How to Quantum Leap Your Income This Year

Stop doing the 80% of things that are only bringing in 20% of your revenue. 

It’s the 80/20 rule you’re familiar with, but let me say it in “letting go” terms. 

Let go of the 80% of things you are doing in your business right now that are only bringing in 20% of your revenue.

And if you feel those things are still important to get done, we’ve got a plan for that. 

Oh, but you are not sure what those “80%”  things are? 

They are most likely your “D’s,” D for DRAINING, things from last week

So you probably have a good idea, but this week in Letting Go to Let In, we will anchor into those things and create the space for powerful decision making to hand off some or ALL of these things to your TEAM.

Or get rid of them altogether.

I will walk you through a time-tested technique that most entrepreneurs and business owners will not sit down to do, BUT it makes such a huge impact. Make a little time to do...

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Find two hours this week you didn’t know you had (and not at midnight)

Let’s agree as a community to stop doing this ladies. 

Stop being a people pleaser. 

Yep. I said it. 

Being a people pleaser eats up more than your time, it eats up your capacity to create and attract.

When you get to a certain level in your business, your time is more valuable than squeezing every second for every last dime. 

(And well, isn't it always? But it becomes more apparent, when you realize there is so MUCH you WANT to do in your business and only 24 hours in a day. That ain’t changing anytime soon.)

Your time becomes that much more precious as you scale your business and income, and that means you’re going to have to say a lot more “No” than “Yes”. 

This week in the Letting Go to Let In challenge, if you haven’t guessed it, I am talking about the art of saying NO in your business. 

No. No, thank you. Nope. Nada. Not today.

This email to you is arriving in your inbox on a Tuesday.

Most likely,...

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