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Money: A Great Love Story? Feb 17, 2023

Remember what it was (is) like to fall in love?

  • The anticipation of knowing the next time you would see each other 
  • The curiosity in getting to know each other 
  • The joy of experiencing things together.

It’s so present moment. Falling in love is so now. So amplified.

That is my...

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27 things that create an abundant entrepreneur Feb 06, 2023

After working with 100’s of people around money and business (including myself!)…

I wanted to share with you 26 things that I have seen indicate that a person will be an abundant and well-resourced entrepreneur and create the success they want....




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Easiest way to create money PLUS the secret sauce to more money Jan 17, 2023

I’ll make this easy for you. 

You get to decide if it is simple enough for you to do so… 

I make suggestions, you make decisions.  πŸ™‚


There are several ways to create more money in your small business. 


  • Offer more services/products
  • Sell to more people...
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Raise your abundance limit in 30 days... Jan 07, 2023

What if all it took was 30 days?

30 days is not a lot of time and sometimes it feels like forever.

In 2022 I committed to 12 months of 30 days... of something (more to come down below).. to expand my business.

And by expand I mean:

  • more money in my bank account at the end of each month
  • a more...
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Money as Stewardship Nov 21, 2022

I distinctly remember the session I had years ago with a client when she was having such a rough time around the idea of receiving money.  


She had the number two money myth I see most often from conscious women running businesses that massively hold them back from increasing...

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The #1 thing I did to have my best revenue month (with oodles of profit to boot) Nov 17, 2022

I am celebrating the best revenue month in my business this past month! Hootie hoo…


Celebrating the things I have put in place to receive to flow that “cash-ola” into my stewardship.


AND after years of not knowing how to celebrate my wins (on to the next thing,...

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