How about a Mid-Year Money check in?

Jun 30, 2022

As much as I love FLOW and I do. STRUCTURE is what keeps the flow, well, flowing.  

Checking in on your money at this time of the year shines a light on what might have gone into the shadows with your money since the new year. #Solstice 

Reviewing your money “stuff” this time of the year gives you the perfect opportunity to review what has occurred, what you learned, what isn’t working, what is working over the past 6 months-ish, and make changes to get you back on track for the year-end.  

I work with cycles in money with my clients. Money is not linear, and neither are you, and my clients (including myself) have found great success in recognizing their cycle of money generation that aligns with their highest self.  

We have seasons. You have seasons. And every entire cycle has a point of reflection. Of assessment, of curation, of pruning even.  

And what an auspicious time to review as we notice the light expanding or dimming, depending on where you live in the world.  

What is also important this year…we are approaching a downcycle in the economy here in the US, but also globally.  

Now before you get doom and gloom about this. there is much opportunity to be made in a downcycle. Opportunity for change, opportunity for growth, opportunity for creating something new that wasn’t there before. (I will speak more about this in the coming weeks… stay tuned for Christine’s take on recession-proofing your biz and lifestyle.) 

You get to prepare. You get to be proactive. Money loves to be told what to do and be a co-creator with you.  

So here’s your chance. 

5 places to look right now for a mid-year money review 

$      The Books 

o   What is the state of your books? Updated? Haven’t touched them for months for 2021 tax prep? Bookkeeping merely matches what happens in your bank account in a database (the books) so you can see reports, see the history of your business in a neat, organized manner. So, no matter where you are at this is a place to review revenue, expenses, and if you are currently posting a profit or a loss. (revenue-expenses=profit. Profit=more revenue than expenses)/loss=more expenses than revenue 

o   Get the help you need. Someone could clean up your books for fewer resources (time, money, energy, angst) than you do them. Hiring a bookkeeper for a few hours a month to get you straightened out frees you up for staying with your native genius in your biz. And if you don’t want to be in your native genius in your biz, that is a whole other tawk show. (yes if you don’t know me I’m a native NY-er and say talk just like that…”tawk.”)  

$      The Estimated Taxes 

o   Estimated taxes are paid by businesses or individuals not subject to withholding.  

o   Your CPA can tell you if you are required to pay estimated taxes throughout the year offsetting what you owe at tax time.  

o   Having your books in order (go back to the check-in point about the books above) will give you the best estimate for what you owe. Knowing your net profit or loss can give you visibility into what you want to contribute. AND again ask for help or guidance from your CPA on this if you are totally lost in this. no harm, no foul. Just imagine with me, having a bulk of your anticipated taxes paid in before tax time. Trust me it is an amazing feeling. 

$        The Financial Goals 

o   If you know, you know, Women who set and write down their financial goals are 83% more likely to hit those goals. If you are in business and want to grow your income, your profit, your life force energy in the world and are not setting financial goals, it is a massive blind spot.  

o   Financial goals are the destination of your money road trip. Most of the time you are knowing that destination in mind when you get in the car and turn the ignition on. You may have a detour here and there, but that destination is plugged into your GPS system. You are going to get there. So at this mid-year check-in, review your financial goals or set some. This is for you. you started a business to go somewhere, to receive something, you get to set the goal and remember so much of setting the goal is the journey getting there. So have fun on the ride and keep your hands on the wheel.  

o   And there are two types of Financial related goals to ensure a holistic approach: 

  1.  Quantitative Financial Goals can include revenue goals, profitability goals, sales goals, people impacted by your work, etc. Tracking numbers can be a good way to see what is happening in your business and redirect as needed. Numbers don’t lie.  
  2.  Qualitative Financial Goals can include how goals impact or contribute to your values and principles. Are they aligned? How do your goals feel? Do they excite you or not so much? We are here to experience more. It’s about the money and IT IS NOT about the money. It is about life force energy. If setting quantitative goals doesn’t come naturally, start here.  

$      The Money Review Questions  

o   What's working for you with money RN (right now?) 

o   What is not working RN? 

o   What are you tolerating with your money RN? 

o   What can you add in more of what is working?  

o   How can you delete, delegate, eliminate, and automate what is not working?  

o   What money support do you need on your team? Ask for help from your current team: bookkeeper, CPA, CFO, or assistant. (Money loves to be supported just as you do… reciprocity happens here.) 

$      The Money Body 

o   All my coaching and programs incorporate the body and the nervous system around money. It has to. Our body is part of the picture and I am here to invite it back on the island as a source of wealthy wisdom, self-sourcing, and receptivity.  

o   What does your body need to feel resourced?  

o   In what ways are you open to receiving what you want & need (money, energy, time) and where are you closed?  

This is the season of review so you can prepare for the season of opportunity no matter what the economy is doing. #createyourowneconomy 

If you want support with your midyear review and with planning the rest of 2022 so that you finish this year knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that this has been your best year in business yet, I am here for you! Drop me a line (I personally answer all my emails) and let’s discuss how I can help you with your money “stuff.” 

All my best,



PSA>>>>I am seeing a chronic problem in women’s businesses lately, 6 figure, multi 6, & 7 figure businesses – it is unacceptable.  

And a massive limitation.  

On many levels. It is...  


Not knowing CF is “a thing.”  

Not knowing how CF works. 

Not knowing how to implement CF in their business.  

Not knowing where to start with CF. 

Not knowing how critical CF is to growing and sustaining a business.  

ESPECIALLY NOW. We are swiftly approaching a downcycle in our economy. 

Cash flow gives you robust clarity and confidence to navigate downcycles (AND upcycles for that matter.) 

Cash flow shows you how you can leverage money because money is NOT linear.  

AND…. Cash flow allows you to create change in your personal world and the larger collective because it gives you the resources to invest generatively (Stat: women typically reinvest 90% of it back into their families and communities – The World Bank) 

Good work does not happen without cash flow.  

If you would like to know how to create capital and cash flow in your business while keeping your humanity you can even out the cash roller coaster and ensure you have money left over at the end of the month in your bank account every single month for the life of your business, simply reply to this me.  

The Radiant Wealth Overflow Method is open for business and accepting new cash flow queens.  

Could that be you? 


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