Is a woman's cash flow issues due to receptivity?

Sep 15, 2022

How much money are you REALLY allowing in?


This past week I had the opportunity to speak to two women entrepreneurs (not clients) about money resistance and money flow.


One woman was ALL about receiving money. She knew how much she needed and wanted and was completely open to ALL the ways it could come to her. No judgment. (There is some prosperity power there.)


The other was judging the way money had to come into her (“It can’t come in THAT way” I heard her say) pushing away ANY money that she was so desperately needing.


Which woman do you think will receive the money she wants faster?


Asking for what you want around money is one thing.

Receiving it is a totally different thing.


Which “money muscle” do you need to practice? Asking or receiving? Or both?


Regardless of which one, they both have to do with how we perceive our own self-worth.


Consider these questions when it comes to making A LOT of money and creating abundance in your life.


✨How worthy am I to ask for what I REALLY want?


✨How worthy am I to receive what I REALLY want?


Thoughts I hear that come up for women when they ask these questions:

😲Will I be a burden if I ask?

😲Will I be rejected if I ask?

😲Will I make a mistake with what I receive?

😲Will I make someone else feel bad if I ask and receive what I want?

😲Have I been good enough to receive what I ask for? (Santa Claus did us in with this one... LOL)


This is why women push away money.


Resistance begets more resistance.

Flow begets more flow.


In my upcoming book, Be The Queen of Your Money: How to Create Financial Freedom With Ease and Grace, I introduce the audience to three women representing three stages of women hood. The Young Self, full of curiosity, hope, and wonder, the Middle Self, representing resilience, responsibility, and surrender, and the Older Self, showing up as Truth, wisdom, love, AND worthiness


If you are realizing your self-worth needs a boost, cultivate your relationship with your older, wiser self.


She is the part of you that is maybe 30 or so years out from where you are now and unapologetically connected to her inherent worthiness.


Ask and receive 😉 from her.

What does she have to say about all this?


The energy of the Crone will strengthen your worthiness and help you to release financial doubt.


You getting what you need & expanding is why you are here on this earth.

Why NOT allow it ALL in and steward that money like you own it?


Financial freedom starts with emotional freedom, my dear.

You are worth it!




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