The Complexity of More

#leverage Aug 20, 2022

As an entrepreneur...wait a minute.... as a HUMAN>>> it can often feel like we are on this train to MORE-land. 

More revenue 

More profit

More time

More support

More clarity

More cash flow

More freedom

More health

More __(you fill in the blank)____

 Maybe only one of the few in the LESS bucket is taxes. 🤣

 MORE can get to be ALOT. 

 One of the main reasons I see business owners, especially women business owners sabotage their success, thinking if they go bigger (another way to say MORE) they will have to sacrifice something else. And it’s kinda funny because the sacrifice list coincides closely with the MORE list above. 

They will have to Sacrifice:

Free time

Family time

Money (to make more money)

Their health

Their freedom

Their integrity

Their values

Their profitability

 It can be quite the conundrum, would you agree? 

 The bottom line is this:

We are all moving towards more growth. Everything is moving towards MORE life. We can look to nature specifically, to see this. From the acorn that turns into a tall oak, the fetus in a mother’s womb that grows into an adult. 

We are all moving towards more life. 

So how do we navigate the complexity of this MORE in our businesses without shutting it all down and living the rest of our days down by the river in a van?? #vanlife

Here's how...

Focusing on 5 areas of your business to support you in the MORE. Five areas of your business that will give you MORE from a place of expansive and plenty AND from a place of being fully resourced and nourished. (and for you easily overwhelmed ladies out there, focusing on one at a time is fine.)

 Lever 1: Vision

The pain pushes until the vision pulls. - Michael Beckwith

With all the uncertainty of the world, your vision is more (lol) important than ever! AND for the women leaders I know sticking with a clear vision is next to finding a good pair of jeans. 

Yes, vision is important and I also believe that if the vision isn't super clear, then your values need to be clear and your vision will be filled in as you move forward.

Your values as a basis for your vision helps with decision-making. Your process of effective decision-making helps you buy back time, save money, and create a lot less stress. 

Your values as a basis for your vision, connect to your highest self, your soul, your spirit, who knows your vision, even when you don’t. 

And your values as a basis for your vision can pull you through uncertain times. They are a touchstone, a higher Truth,  that will ground you and know you are VISIONARY, no matter what.

Leverage Practice for Vision: What are your top 5 values in your business and life? 

Lever 2: Money

If there is more of a MORE in this world, it’s more MONEY. Everybody wants more money.  What is fascinating, I’ll ask women, “How much do you want?” And often they can’t tell me. They don’t know. 

Being able to be clear here is the same as being clear at the deli counter when asking for your fave gluten-free, nitrate-free sandwich. Ya kinda have to be clear on what you want, it makes it much easier for the deli guy to deliver it to you. (consider the deli guy, the universe)

Money is similar.  I find because as a society, we have been taught it is rude to talk about money, that we can’t even talk about it with ourselves. Which leaves us wanting more of the thing that we don't want to talk about. Make no sense to you? 

Leverage Practice for Money: Simply…talk about it. Lean into your trusted biz bestie, a mastermind group, or a cherished friend, and normalize the conversation about money. It makes having more of it much easier and not feeling like we are sacrificing our well-being for the sake of more moolah.

 Lever #3 Time

Life’s other major currency. When you get to a certain point in your business, time becomes more valuable than money. 

If you want more time in your business and life (aka discretionary time), you must reconcile that time is a man-made construct designed to create a container for you to operate in. It is a masculine structure, all good. No problem…it is there for you to leverage. With a feminine approach.


Leverage Practice for Time: Align your activities with your cycle (or the cycle of the moon.) Women operate & connect from a 28-day cycle, not a 24-hour day. Leveraging the 4 different aspects of that 28-day cycle (resourcing, reciprocity, harvest/reward, rest/receive) puts you in alignment with your most opportune times to work on things. 

It is a game changer. This is the approach we take to time in my group mastermind Radiant Wealth and it is how women can create capacity for “more” without all the headaches of more. *wanna know more about The Radiant Wealth Group Experience now enrolling (Sept 2022), it is pretty special, simply ask me to share more with you. :)

  Lever # 4 Team

As CEO of our businesses, we all want a team that is engaged, is forward-thinking, supports us fully and supports our mission... So we can have more time and money and can continue to cultivate our long-term vision

So the support that helped you reach one level of biz will probably not be the same team that will help your business reach the next level. And that is OK.... Yet, with so many overwhelmed business women, they often fail to recognize this. 

Leverage Practice for Team/Support: Audit your support system. Here are some questions to start the audit:

  • What are your values? (see Vision above)
  • What are their values? 
  • Who is your next hire?  
  • What skill sets are you needing for your business to expand, does your current team have them? 
  • Do you have a gut feeling your team can’t support you in this next level of growth? (you know when you know)
  • What is your zone of Queen bee role and who on your team is supporting that?  
  • What mentorship do you need? What pillar of your business needs the most support to flourish? Marketing, Financial, Sales, Operations/Systems, Mindset, Client Fulfillment?

Remember, this is as much about you as it is about your team. You are the leader, what do you need to address in your leadership to allow your support team to support you? :)

 Lever # 5 The Body

Your body is your greatest asset for understanding and expanding your capacity. Having this vessel nourished, resourced, and replenished is the most important lever in the 5. Your physical, mental, and emotional body is the brilliant machine that keeps everything else running. And it needs attention too… No body, no business. 

Leverage Practice for The Body: Listen to your body. 

Slow down. Notice where emotions that get activated as a result of stressors in the business get dropped into the body. When you notice, you can feel and receive the intelligent wisdom of the body to support you in the moment. When the body is not listened to, it rebels, and then your business suffers. "More growth" is the body’s natural trajectory. Everything is growing in our body, evolving. When we expand in our business, yet fail to allow the body to release (old stories, emotions, through an exhale or through rest) we then can feel heavy and our business responds to that. 

Listen to her nuances, she wants what you want and will get you where you want to go. 

 We are operating towards more life, no matter what. We just need to get aligned to how more can show up in our business to work FOR us not AGAINST us. 

To more life… from the most RESOURCED place,

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