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The Complexity of More

As an entrepreneur...wait a minute.... as a HUMAN>>> it can often feel like we are on this train to MORE-land. 

More revenue 

More profit

More time

More support

More clarity

More cash flow

More freedom

More health

More __(you fill in the blank)____

 Maybe only one of the few in the LESS bucket is taxes.

 MORE can get to be ALOT. 

 One of the main reasons I see business owners, especially women business owners sabotage their success, thinking if they go bigger (another way to say MORE) they will have to sacrifice something else. And it’s kinda funny because the sacrifice list coincides closely with the MORE list above. 

They will have to Sacrifice:

Free time

Family time

Money (to make more money)

Their health

Their freedom

Their integrity

Their values

Their profitability

 It can be quite the conundrum, would you agree? 

 The bottom line is this:

We are all moving towards more growth. Everything is moving towards...

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