Money wanted me to tell you...

Apr 21, 2022

I was going to write you all an email about value-based pricing, or how to raise your prices, or how to increase your income quickly by raising your prices but there was a message that was coming through me loud and clear from Money that wanted to be shared with you and it was this:  


Everything is going to be alright. 

Whatever is going on for you currently with me. 

The desire to make more. The desire to not make a mistake. 

The feeling you may have that I have complete control over you.  

The shame of having debt or having made a mistake with me in the past. 

Getting totally frustrated and overwhelmed with me and avoiding me. 

The fear of not having enough for retirement or really ever being financially independent.  

Of ever getting There with me… wherever There is (?) 


Any of it. 

All of it…  

I want you to know… even being with it all….the burden you may have felt because of me… 


Everything is going to be alright.  


Because what is the Truth? 


The universe wants more for you than you do.  

She doesn’t give you problems to make you miserable. She gives you problems to make your future better.  

So, you grow, you learn, and you understand yourself better to create what you want with much more ease and flow.  


So, take a deep breath (or three) right now… 

So, sense this present moment… where everything is created… 


And know everything is going to be alright.  

And know that whatever you want is already here. It is already here.  It is the universal truth. You cannot have the want, the desire, the need without the way to receive it. It is already here. One cannot exist without the other.  

I am already here for you. 

And if you are wishing that your financial circumstances were different right now, then IT is not here. Because YOU are not here.  

The answer to your financial wants and needs is always here. But you have been so deeply entrenched in feeling guilty about past mistakes with me or believing your disempowering stories about me or worried about the future and how you will make it all happen you are missing all the opportunities right in front of you to create what you want with me.   


So what do you do? 

Get present. 

Be aware. 


And ask yourself… with curiosity and humility (and a sweet dose of compassion) 

What do I need to learn here?  

What am I not seeing? 

What is being shown to me as a next step with money that I have been resisting?  

Where have I not been asking for what I need of money?  

Where have I not been clear about my money?  

And take an action. Make a decision. Use your superpower of choice to bring life anew to me.   


Everything is going to be alright.  

I promise you.  




You heard it from the horse’s mouth… everything is going to be alright.  You can exhale. And receive what is inherently yours as you want.  

So, I guess that means next week… pricing strategies for increasing your cash flow… unless I hear differently from you know who....😊 


All my best,



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