The bigger the $$ challenge...the bigger the $$ reward

May 28, 2022


Nothing happens until a decision is made.

Most people will have an opportunity to make more money right in front of them and the first thing they will think about is the risk.

Better know as ...."Why I can't."

I can't because...

I don't have the money.

I don't have the time.

I don't have the skillset.

I don't have the systems in place. 

I don't know if it will work.

I don't know if I will make a mistake. 

...and the list goes on. 



If you are an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business and increase your income, that frame of thinking is going to sabotage you every time.

An entrepreneurial mindset is one of expansion and risk (calculated risk) AND reward. But it only starts first with a decision that you can.

Here's an exercise for ya:

Bring to mind a money challenge you are having right now.

Maybe it's you have plateaued with your income

 or maybe cash flow is not happening

or you have this money story you just can't shake and you know deep down it is what is holding you back from your potential in your biz 

or you want to invest in support and you feel the money is not there.

AND on a scale of 1-10, one being "This is so challenging, I can't take it," to ten being "I can easily & effortlessly solve this challenge."

OK so here is your good news for this Saturday...

The bigger the $$ challenge you are experiencing, the greater the reward you will receive.

Read it again.

The bigger the $$ challenge you are experiencing, the greater the $$ reward you will receive.

Why you ask...

Because of the higher "capital T" Truth of the law of polarity: the law states everything has a polar opposite. up, down, right, left, light, dark, etc.

If you are experiencing a challenge, the opposite has to be there. The universe doesn't do halves-ys. The solution is always there with any problem/challenge.

SOOOO if the challenge is BIG (like a 1 on the scale) imagine the size of the reward. 😲

The caveat: you must step into the challenge and say "I can do this." I can look at this challenge in the eye and know why I can vs why I can't.

Take that into your next week, my friends...

AND feel free to be witnessed in any aha's by emailing me.

 All my best,


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