A GENERATIVE way to price your services and offerings

Apr 29, 2022

Pricing your offerings can feel so strange at times. But it makes sense why it can feel that way.  

It brings up so much about our own worthiness and value (ugh…. the money energy and mindset work continues.) 

AND I have an easy way for you to integrate ALL that with a new perspective on pricing your offerings.  

I want you to imagine a triangle.  

There are 3 points to this triangle (of course!) and each point has an angle to look at regarding pricing your services: Logic. Emotion. Intuition.  

Logic is running the numbers.  

An example: I want this much in revenue this month. I would like to serve this many people. Divide the amount of revenue by the people to get a price for your service. 

Emotion is looking at pricing as energy and value exchange. What is the possibility for you at this number for this offering?

How does it feel?

Does it lift you or does it bring you down? AND what is the possibility for the prospect with this exchange? What is this service worth to them over the lifetime of their life? (Ooooh there is some price expansion right there!) 

Intuition is being able to say the number out loud and be congruent for you in a sales pitch (eg. Sales conversation, sales page, messaging, etc.) It is the energy of, “This is it. This is the number. This just is. I got this.” It is a knowing, a trusting.   

The one I see most of my clients go to first is when we review this is Logic, running the numbers. And then not look at Emotion and Intuition.

However, those secretly two can creep in the back door unconsciously and can sabotage pricing your services well and generatively.  

My offering to you this week is to invite all three to the pricing party to have a well-balanced and integrative pricing structure. AND see more money roll in because...

...what feels good in your body from a place of wholeness is what drops resistance and creates more flow of everything you want. 

So, look at them all:  

>Run the numbers…  

>Feel into the numbers and the possibilities of an improved quality of life for the prospect…  

>AND run it through your own intuitive lens, “This just is.”  Trust yourself.  

Let me know what comes up for you for this or if you are willing to try it out by pricing your own services.   

Pricing is my superpower and can be yours too!

All my best,

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