What If vs. How To

Sep 16, 2022

“What If” kinda gals have all the financial power.

If you are in my world, you want to increase your income, you want to increase your profitability (in other words what goes in your wallet) without giving up your morals in order to do so .

BUT, you have noticed a plateau in your income, your profitability is nowhere to be seen and you're AGAIN following someone else’s “formula” which AGAIN is not jibe-ing with you, leaving you feeling disappointed AGAIN.

Hence how ya find yourself in the "How To" search on Google AGAIN.

Listen, I am a sucker for a good “How To” YouTube video on how to create the most amazing French Silk Pie or increase my typing skills (which I am starting from a low base, let me tell ya) or how to create a 7 figure business with a quantum leap.

Have you noticed how excited you feel when a “How to Triple Your Income in 6 Minutes” subject line pops up in your inbox…?!? Even when you can sniff out the BS from a mile away.

When it comes to money lately the “How To’s” for women are not working.

I wonder if you feel it, too. 

Women are jaded, disappointed, and most of all tired.

We are smart and we can see through the veil AND we are still looking for that magic money bullet.


The next thing…

The ideal clients…

The coach…

The mentor…

The event…

The program…

…that will create YOUR quantum leap.


I know.

This was me.


When I was in my own financial Perfect Storm 12 years ago – lost my home to foreclosure, was let go from my financial controller job because of the housing crisis, and had a really crappy boyfriend.

I was searching for any speck of safety and security and a magic bullet to save me.

I dutifully (good girl syndrome anyone?) began looking for all the “How To’s” I could find to get me out of my financial mess. I went to a financial advisor, an accountant, a good friend, a bad friend, and everyone/thing in between.

One day, I remember leaving the financial advisor’s office I had made an appointment with in my search for a HOW TO get out of this money mess and as I got in my car, the tears just started streaming down… as my head dropped, my body slumped, and I leaned on the steering wheel crying. Of course he didn’t have the answer.

He offered me a life insurance policy…go figure.

As I sat in my truck I finally said after a few minutes…”There has got to be a better way.”

I went further… “What if there was a better way, what would it look like?”

With that thought, my body straightened up, the tears stopped, I could breathe again, I could feel my heart, and I asked myself again…

What if… there was a better way?

What if.

Constantly seeking the HOW TO’s are a guise that basically tells you are not enough.

AND it is exhausting.

And it's killing your ability to raise your money ceiling. it makes it HARD and it doesn't have to be.


Asking "What if..." is naturally expansive.


Consider this…

What if YOU are the quantum leap?

What if YOU knew the answers? (you do)

What if YOU are the abundance you are looking for? (you are)

What if YOU knew you had everything inside of you that you needed to financially thrive?


What if asking “What if” was the key to raising your money ceiling and not another “How to?”


Because it is.

We can search for anything and everything at a millisecond's notice on Google.

…But are we losing the ability to critically think and wonder and create AND see the real opportunities for massive financial growth?


"How to" = competition & comparison

"What if" = creativity


When you can rely on your own critical and creative thinking skills you are liberated to raise that financial ceiling with a lot more grace and ease.


“How to” is an asking question.

“What if” is a receptive question.


Both asking and receiving in the money game are important but which one do you think will give you what you want quicker? Asking or receiving?

Last week on the blog I shared that asking is one thing, and receiving is another.


Receiving is the thing that moves a money ceiling.

Raising that money ceiling is what YOU design, what you ask for, and what you are open to receiving, not another ‘How To” video on blah blah blah… even if it is a great French Silk Pie recipe.

There is more at stake for you now than ever and yes that can also mean there is more to lose. It is a confronting truth right now.

But there is a new paradigm of money and financial vitality emerging.

And it works.

Money, freedom, & time to enjoy them both.

Creativity, power, influence, and worthiness.

This is what I call Radiant Wealth.

This is what our clients are using.

Leveraging their feminine power to increase their financial power for the greater good of all…

Are you gonna finally break through your income ceiling this year?

“What if…?” :)

Better questions create better results.




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