I have a little $$ secret for you I'm so excited to share...

Jun 02, 2022


Squeel…. It's happening…  

Picture it.. the North Shore Oahu Spring 2017 (DAYUMMM 5 years ago)…where I first put pen to paper to write a book.

Christine Walsh writing a book. A BOOK! 

YEP... Christine Walsh has written a book... 

In the experience, in the gorgeousness that is Hawaii… I download the essence of a book about three women and their experience with money. 

These three women are you. 

These three women are me.  

The young one. The spirited one. The one that drives up curiosity, wonder, hopeful, and the energy of desire and truth around money flow. The one JUST before all the baggage of the world encases her and creates her financial insecurities.   

The middle aged one. The present self. The logic and reasoning one. The one here right now, looking at the bank account, her business, her retirement account and wondering “How am I going to get through this?” 

And the older one. The one that imparts wisdom, grace, faith, humility, trust, and a deep knowing of her inherent worthiness.  

It is a story for us all. To come to a new relationship with money for now, for the future, for always. 

I cannot WAIT to share it with you….  

End August-ish 2022. 

Dreams can come true.#getyourautographnow 😁

Money is an idea and yes everyone gets to partake in the idea.

 All my best,

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Feel into the expansiveness of that. 

AND know how to create money for the rest of your life. 

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