You are in relationship with everything, including money.

May 12, 2022

You are in a relationship with everything. 


I want to tell you all about an expansive event I am taking part in called “Heal & Reconnect in Relationships.” I am being interviewed as one of 12 experts from around the world speaking on the topic of reclaiming relationships. 


AND my topic is MONEY of course! 


Just a reminder here women… you are in a relationship with everything!  

AND if you want to improve a relationship (ahem Money) you will need to connect and reconnect with it. 

If you are ready to create more joy, love, and connection in ALL your relationships, register for this free online series here.

In this series expect to receive specific tools, inspiration, and encouragement to take a stand for your most important relationships. You will dive deep into ALL relationships, relationships with yourself, your body, food, YOUR FINANCES 😊, love, joy, your kids, your partners, and more. 


The organizer Kasia Bradford is a Life & Leadership Coach who has navigated incredible shifts in her life. From losing a pregnancy that almost killed her, leaving a mentally abusive marriage, to completely changing careers after 17 years as a CPA in order to start her own coaching business, she hones in on the power of relationships and is now bringing this to you. 


I adore her and so will you. 


She is passionate about helping others reclaim their relationships with themselves, their loved ones, their health, and their finances so that we can all live in a world of love, connection, and commitment.  


YES! this is available to us at all times, even now in these times. Still. 


If this resonates with you, claim your complimentary ticket here. 


I hope to see you there! So much richness will be shared.  


All my best,




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