Money. The Greatest Love of All?

Jan 25, 2024

Money, the greatest love of all? 


I love the singer, Whitney Houston. The power of her voice, her stage presence, the sass. Wasn’t too crazy about Bobby Brown, and outside of her demise and cause of death, I admired her courage through her life. She was and still is an icon.  


She had a song, The Greatest Love of All in which Whitney is walking on to a stage, dressed to the nines, looking stunning, living her phenomenal success and her younger self walks out all proud and meets her. They become one embodied woman who has gone through a lot AND learned that the greatest love of all is inside them. Not outside. 

That right there.

Is what it is all about.

That is what money can teach us. It did for me.


Three things money taught me about recognizing the greatest love of all is inside me. 


Money showed me my greatest fears.

At this stage of my life, I can look back and say my greatest fears have been about money. From having enough to how to make ends meet. Being a bag lady on the streets of NYC. Quitting my “secure” job and moving 2000 miles away.

Quitting my “secure” job and starting a coaching business with no money.

Having a home foreclosed on me. Losing my job. Geez, pretty bleak. My fear of money and not having enough was creating its own reality. 

Until I decided I was going to do something with the fear and transform it into love. 

And courage was built. Money may have shown me my greatest fears, but when I looked it straight in the eye, it also showed me my greatest strength inside me, courage. 


Money showed me my greatest desires. 

Money is not just for having money. It’s for having something. It is a conduit to something else. Ask yourself often when it comes to wanting more money, “What is the money for?” If it IS just to have it. Go in a little deeper and find the more robust meaning of having it: security, peace of mind, accomplishment are some examples. 

Wanting more money is showing you your greatest desires.  Pinpoint your desire and go for that. I often say we have lost our ability to desire, for many, many reasons which I will have to go into in another writeup. But wanting more money is showing us our greatest desire. Find that out and release the pressure of money and come into the wonder and creativity of wanting to express yourself and your wants through the money. Be the creatrix you are, and it will be easier to manifest the money to create the thing you want with the money you want. 


Money showed me my greatest power is choice. 

So big. So so big. When I took my power back around money (and now show other women how to do that too) I created a whole lot more choice. I was in control. I had choice. It is a remembrance of who I am, what I am capable of . Money no longer has control over me. Because I know I have choice. I make the decision how much I want to make, how I want to spend my money, how I want to invest, how I want to give, and how I want to create it. Understanding that money is about choice reminded me that choice starts within me. 


Regardless of what level of business you are at:  growth/start up stage, building stage, scaling stage, or optimizing stage… 

Do your money work.


You will be led to your greatest love of all. Yourself. 


That is what money taught me.

What is money teaching you? Drop me a line.



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