The 5 things you can do TODAY to claim your abundance

radiant wealth Feb 03, 2022


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" ~ Anais Nin


The decision comes before the manifestation. Aka the risk comes before the reward. That is why the phrase is Risk-Reward, not Reward-Risk. 

I know, I get it... bummer. 

It took me a while to figure that one out and a lot of unnecessary suffering. 

Though now that I got it, I can kick things into gear with a decision made, by being a catalyst, and stepping into a claiming of what I want. 


Are you asking for permission for what you want or asking to be supported in what you want?

The distinction is critical.

Making a decision and claiming what you want is a potent place to be in. It says to the universe, "I am in the Driver's Seat, and I am co-creating with you. Here is my wish list." From a place of commanding in a way, not from a place of wishy-washy-ness. The universe...she looooooves clarity and conviction. 

So here are 5 things you can do TODAY to claim your abundance. 

Clean up your money leaks if finances have gotten a little messy and expand into your financial potential and be the CASH FLOW CREATRIX you really are(because you are!)

1. Change your password to anything financial related to a financial goal you have.

I'd give you an example, but then you'd have access to my bank accounts and QuickBooks. 😜

2. Clean out your pocketbook/purse/wallet/bag.

I call it a pocketbook, not sure why, but whatever you call it, wherever you carry your money. Clean it up, raise the standard by which you keep you your debit/credit cards and cash. 

Toss the old gift card that expired, or use it if it has not expired. 

Collect the coins at the bottom and toss 'em in your coin jar. Clean out the little lint or whatever is caught up in there, wrappers. etc. Show your money some love.  

AND bonus tip: tape a little note/post it inside your wallet that says "There is more where that came from lovey!" Because there is. (They don't call it currency for anything! CURRENT, cash FLOW, get it? ) 

3. Get into FLOW... cash flow (or even OVERFLOW.) 

Know the ins and outs of your cash flow. What is your monthly income, what are you receiving and what is your outflow, what are you expending each month?

GIve your money attention. Money LOVES to be told what to do. Show her who's the boss!

(little side note, I am opening the doors again to The Radiant Wealth Overflow Method this month... Jus' sayin'...The RW Overflow Method is where I teach you everything you need to have in place in your business cash flow to ensure you have money left over at the end of the month in your bank account every single month for the life of your business. Want priority notification of when doors open? Simply, reach out here.

4. Forgive the part of you that forgot abundance is your birthright. 

"I forgive the part of me that forgot I am abundant. I am divine." Simple and effective. Watch your body exhale after you say this to yourself and step into your birthright. 

5. Create your Empress List. Declare what you want.

This is your opportunity to get into your desire around what you really want. 

List out 50+ desires you want to experience. Things that drive up an emotion: travel, events, clothes, experiences, things, a house by the sea or in the mountains, an idea, a piece of art. Invoke your inner little girl and allow her to dream again. AND allow yourself to feel and let go of the how. Just let go of the how. 

This exercise is more about feeling than anything else.  

I get impassioned around this because most of you have probably forgotten how to desire. How to drive up a feeling around what you want. Not from a place of lack, but from a place of "wouldn't that be AH-MAZING!"

AND keep adding to the list. 

Everything is created from an idea. 

So there you have it 5 ways you GET TO claim your abundance. 

What are you choosing today? 

To your potential. May you choose unapologetically.

 All my best,



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