I’ve already looked at my money stuff, why am I stuck again?

radiant wealth Sep 14, 2021

For a year,  I studied sales. Nothing but sales. I knew I wasn’t good at it, but I also knew it was what moved money into my business. 

And I started to see the success I originally dreamed of.

And then a plateau. 

I was like WTF, I know what moves money into my business, why is this happening?

At a certain level, it’s your product, your sales team, your work ethic. What’s gotten you this far is learning how to do business really well. How to do money well. 

Well enough. 

What has gotten you here, most likely will not get you there.

What happens when you’re in that critical moment when your business is gaining traction, the idea is working, the prospects are inquiring and you’re so overwhelmed keeping pace, thar “not enoughness” is still a factor even at as you rise in success (yes, even multi-six and seven figure businesses have this. I know because I work with them.) 

Eventually, you’ll hit a money wall, a money ceiling, a plateau you can’t move past, because of unresolved money issues. 

It happens at every level. 

It has to.

Because you are meant to grow,

You are designed to grow. 

This life is about more growth. 

The problem is you think you should be done with your money mindset.

 You should be done with your money stories.  

You already looked at all that. 

I had a prospect recently tell me, (she’s earning close to $300,000 in her business):

“Christine, I don't have anyone to talk about money with. It’s like I did all this money work in the beginning of my business to get it afloat. And now that it is doing well, it is like the money conversations have stopped because I have no one to talk to about these next level problems with and it is impacting my bottom line. I looked at this already, shouldn't I be beyond this?”

“I am still worried about money.”

“Can I hire another full-time team member to support me?”

“Can I take time for a true vacation and have the business run on its own?”

“I am not taking care of my body the way I want to.”

“I am losing the connection to my big vision.”

At some point as your business and your money grow, you come up against another level of resistance around money, time, team, your health, and your vision. 

It is normal. 

Look at these 5 areas in relation to your business currently, and take stock. 

  • Are you still worried about money
  • Are you managing your team effectively? 
  • Can you take time for a vacation and have the business run on its own? 
  • Are you taking care of your body the way you want to?
  • Are you connected fully to your bigger vision in your business AND allowing that to fuel you? 

Women, it is ok to want everything you want. 

 It’s time to fully create and receive your own sovereignty around your business once and for all. 

It is an instant recalibration of your energy, your possibility, your presence, and your profitability. 

I will meet you there. 


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