How to set yourself up to RECEIVE your Money Goals this Quarter

radiant wealth Sep 27, 2021

Remember when you were a kid and time took SOOO long to go by. The school year, waiting for the holiday break, the actual holiday break, summertime days.

And then you become an adult and time passes by so quickly.

We are in autumn already here in the northern hemisphere. The 4th quarter of the year is approaching starting October 1st!

It is crazy.

Time is crazy.

Much about time-bending is about being present. Being in this exact moment as it is.

That is why as kids time felt longer. We were very much living more in the present moment.

Instead of asking what your 4th quarter financial goals are and what tactics and strategies you will act upon to create those goals….

I want you to consider how you can be more present this quarter to create what financial goals you want this quarter.

How can you live in the moment to moment of your days more mindfully?

How can you savor the richness of the moment to have it last a little longer?

It is important to recognize the potency and power of the present moment.

We give so much attention to our past (feel guilty often?) and to our future (feel anxious lately?)

The magic of the present moment alleviates both states.

AND it is ONLY in the present moment we create the next present moment.

It is only in the NOW that we get to receive what we truly want.

Are you living in the present moment? Are you creating your next present moment? The one you really want.

Here are my top 3 best practices for present moment living:  


It's back to basics here. As you go through your day, being in gratitude for what is working and what is not working (because that is feedback redirecting you to what you need to look at) is being in the direct experience of each moment.

  • How can you be grateful for your bank account? No matter the level
  • In what ways can you be grateful for the safety of your home or nature or the support of the seat you are in to remind you of security instead of looking for it falsely in money?
  • What are the three things you are most grateful for today so far?


  • Recognize in your day-to-day how much you are not breathing (anyone feel this or is this just me?) and take a moment and start to consciously breathe. Use the belly to connect the breath to the body, inhaling extending the belly, exhaling drawing the belly in. Amplify it until you feel more pulled into the present moment.

The central column/calling yourself back

  • I teach a practice called the central column and it is about accessing three points along the central column of our body (along the spinal column) and it goes something like this.
  • Imagine a column running down your torso from the center point of the head down to the center point of your pelvis. A wide column. And in there is your radiant energy. Now pull back all the energy from your day, your experiences, everything up unto this moment that is outward and pull it all back in. Pull all your energy back in.
  • Do this twice a day in the middle of the day and at the end of the day.

NOW set a financial goal from this space and practice these three presence practices daily and notice what you have the power of manifesting and receiving.

 You have the power. You are worth it.

All my best,


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