Your Need for Safety vs. Your Need for Growth

Dec 18, 2018

This world right now is asking–no, BEGGING us to show up–show up in ways that we might not be used to or comfortable with. Showing up fully to ourselves, to our home life, to our businesses, to our communities.

For most of you, that’ll mean standing up to “your story.” The story that protects you and gives you a reference point. The story and/or stories that have created a safe place for you to retreat to–albeit maybe not the most powerful place, but safe. The story that says, “If you leave me, you’ll have to create new stories trusting yourself fully.”

Whoa . . . that’s big. It’s no wonder we don’t want to let go of our stories. They got us to this point.

Living in a Story

Recognizing that you’re living in a story of the way it was, the way it’s supposed to be, or the way it should be, is the only way to unlock the freedom you desire: freedom from money worries, freedom from internal struggles in other areas of life, freedom to choose how you want to show up each and every day in your world, in the now.

You can’t desire freedom–in whatever form that is for you–and still hang onto the stories that keep you seemingly safe. They’re mutually exclusive.

Life’s a process. Our stories are made up of joy and tragedy. They got us to this point. When we hang onto the confines of our past in protection, we rob the future of what’s truly possible and who we can fully be.

And, yes–then we’ll be unencumbered by our story and actually have to show up!

(To be continued . . . )

Much love and abundance to you in all its forms today and every day!

Photo Credit: Andrés Canchón,

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