Stressed About Money? Tune Into Your Body...Not Your Wallet

Dec 09, 2016

Mind, Body, and Spirit.

If you’ve been in the personal development scene for any length of time, you know that the Mind, Body, Spirit connection is huge. You can’t impact one of these elements without impacting the others. Being human means we’re made up of all three and all three are interrelated. Focusing on only one such element creates an imbalance, which holds us back from being our whole self.

Think about it: you could have the fittest body, eat the best of foods, and live a physically healthy lifestyle. But without “feeding the brain” abundant and compassionate thoughts, or creating space for your highest self to come forth (a.k.a. awareness in the present moment), the table is only built with one leg and will inevitably fall.

There is an inherent organizing power in the number three. Marketers understand this…
Three Musketeers.
Three Blind Mice.
A, B, C. 1st,2nd, 3rd.
Third time’s the charm.
Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Snap, Crackle, Pop!
And Mind, Body, Spirit.

Something magical happens with the power of three when you apply it to your money. 

Let’s take a look at how the powers of three — using the Mind, Body, and Spirit — can amp up your abundance levels. For clarity’s sake, I will replace Mind with mindset, Body with inspired action, and Spirit with intuition. Now you’re ready to look at money from a “Whole Wealth” perspective. A 360-degree view of money.

What does that look like in actual form? Below I share my daily ritual of connecting to Mind, Body, and Spirit around money:

Spirit/Intuition: Meditation in silence.

Body/Activate it: Tracking my numbers. This could be my income/expenses, my sale pitches, etc.

Mind/Mindset: Gratitude.

Here are some other examples:

Spirit/Intuition: Stillness, exercise, breathing practices.

Body/Activate it:  Working on your books, reading something financial. Tracking anything in your business: sales calls, referrals, income or expenses, reviewing your bank account.

Mind/Mindset: Journaling, affirmations, looking at your belief systems, visualization.

Sounds kind of boring? It is. But, you know what’s really boring?

  • The constant fear of not having enough.
  • The Money Story that says, “It’s hard to make money,” continually running on autopilot in your head.
  • The negative story playing out on a regular basis about why you don’t have money.

Money’s not in charge, money’s a tool. We’re in charge.

More money will not make “money stress” go away. If you’re looking for a place to begin, then start with easy. It may be boring, but powerful. Do the work using your mind, body, and spirit around money. If you’re seeing resistance, just know resistance around money is a very deep sign that your highest self’s begging you to change things up, and the only way to do that is to do the work.

The power of three amplifies that energy, so you can get in front of your money with less suffering. Cultivate the Mind, Body, and Spirit of your money every day and create whole wealth.

The choice is abundantly yours.


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