27 things that create an abundant entrepreneur

Feb 06, 2023

After working with 100’s of people around money and business (including myself!)…

I wanted to share with you 26 things that I have seen indicate that a person will be an abundant and well-resourced entrepreneur and create the success they want....




Success does leave clues…

Here are some nuggets to chew on: 

  1. They are curious.

  2. They have a vision and stay close to it every day.

  3. They want to know about money management: what is working and what is not working. 

  4. They do not look for evidence in the world that they are not good at making, and managing money. They don’t make it hard for themselves to prove their value in the world. 

  5. They are comfortable talking about money with others, especially their consumers and prospects.

  6. They know what the money is for. What the purpose of the money they are generating is specifically for. 

  7. They understand the importance of the cyclical nature of money: the giving part AND the receiving part.

  8. They apply a  calculated risk approach when exchanging one resource for another. Being an entrepreneur is risk. 

  9. They understand how to create a return on their investment: TEM>Time, Energy, and/or Money.

  10. They have become emotionally aware. Of their own behaviors and their consumers and audience. 

  11. They see themselves as a creator not a victim.

  12. They understand and accept that there are cycles in business and life and know how to work with them vs against them. 

  13. They know, at a deep cellular level, that they create what they want in their life. They are the catalyst. 

  14. They have reconciled the idea that it is ok to let go.

  15. They understand everything goes back to their energy: how they show up, what they are thinking and feeling. 

  16. They operate from their zone of genius most of the time. They realize it's less about doing more and more about understanding how to leverage the assets in their business. 

  17. They know that a sustainable business is more about having cash flow than more revenue on the profit and loss statement. 

  18. They stop looking at the bank balance and start looking at the money they are generating with financial forecasting.

  19. They have made mistakes, lots of them and it’s ok. It’s what they learned from those mistakes that are creating abundance in their business.  Failure is feedback and creates success quicker. 

  20.  They work towards keeping 90 days of cash in their bank account. 

  21. They use credit (OPM: Other People’s Money) and leverage it. Debt when used with a plan is leverage. You can make better choices. 

  22. They know there is no “when I get there.” They know there is only HERE> and they only create in the present moment. 

  23. They know that money doesn't come from other people it first comes from source energy (as everything created in this world) THROUGH people.

  24. They get that the real gift of making more money is what it can do to change things in our world.

  25. They get that business (& making money) can be fun and that they get to enjoy the process.

  26. They know that simplicity has a place in having an amazing business. 


Which ones resonated for you (in the good way or the ick not so good way)?


All my best,


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 With love and much abundance to you in all its forms today,



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