Want to make more money with less stress?

Oct 02, 2022

There is a saying out there that money loves speed. What that means is that the quicker you make decisions about your money (in business or in life) the quicker money will come to you. It is energetic reciprocity.

As you act on the decision, the next step clearly unfolds itself towards what you desire with having more money.

And being that the source of money is universal energy, divine, God of your understanding, you could also say the universe loves speed.

Talk about Leverage, decisions create multiple opportunities. Opportunities are abundance.

Want more abundance, make a decision today.

So being a Reflector in the world of Human Design, I am told to wait 28 days, a full moon cycle, to make a decision… not super helpful in the “money loves speed” convo

In Radiant Wealth, my money mastermind, we capitalize on three ways to make decisions with purpose, clarity, and quickness.

This results in money flowing easily into us with less stress and overwhelm.

These three ways are based on the intuitive body, the emotional body, and the mental (logical) body where we can then use the triangulation of all three to come to a grounded, ALIGNED decision:

Intuitive Body:  Have you ever used a pendulum? I love my pendulum to help guide me in decision-making.  Using a pendulum gives voice to the higher self with a simple yes or no. I trust my highest self, so it is a beautiful way to ask and listen to this part of me.  

Emotional Body: OUr emotions are 100% part of the decision-making process, when we couple them with our intuition and mental bodies, we create a clear picture of how to move forward. For this, I list ways that a decision I am in a quandary about will support or detract me. 

  • Where is the JOY in making this decision? 

  • Where is the PAIN in making this decision? 

Now I answer these questions quickly without a lot of backstory or pontification. Important. Don't get lost in the weeds. 

From these two questions, I allow my emotions to be seen and heard. How will I feel? 

Mental Body: The logical part of the brain also gets a voice. This is where I “run the numbers.” Money is about numbers. Taking a look-see at what the return on the investment could be and how it plays into my overall Cash Flow.

Making decisions in your business and life is the most important and powerful tool you have to bring to you want you want. 

 Exercise: What decision could you make today to bring more money into your life? 

It all starts with a decision. 


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