Money as Stewardship

Nov 21, 2022

I distinctly remember the session I had years ago with a client when she was having such a rough time around the idea of receiving money.  


She had the number two money myth I see most often from conscious women running businesses that massively hold them back from increasing their income. A deep-seated belief about money that goes simply like this: 


Money is evil. 

Therefore, if you have a lot of money or make a lot of money, you are evil.


It is insidious. It is sneaky. Because she never said that straight up to me and most women don’t but instead, it showed up for her and many others, as “It is not spiritual to make money.” 


So how was she going to increase her income, what she told me she wanted to do, with that sneaky belief swimming around her head? 


She wasn’t. 


I asked her if she had lots of money, the money she was dreaming about having come into her business, what might she do with it.


She shared about starting a farm and bringing food and sustainability education to children.

WOW. I said, “We need more money in your hands” to her, she took that in and smiled.


AND it was there that I shared a key philosophy in my money coaching programs:



The more we can receive the more we can give. 


As in money comes to you through your gorjuss hands to another.

And when aligned with your highest life values you will feel what true financial freedom feels like. 


My client’s eyes lit up.

You could feel her deep resonance with the idea. 

She went on to easily hit her first $10K cash month shortly after and her business has beautifully grown since. 

(AND most notably, her belief “money is evil” just flittered away.)


As we approach the holiday of Thanksgiving here in the United States; A holiday that evokes gratitude for what we have received and the bounty to which we will receive, consider the idea of stewardship with your money. 


If more money was to come into your hands, what might you do with it? 

Money is circular. It is currency: meaning to flow.


I imagine more money being in the hands of women like you would be AMAZING for our planet.


Here’s to more $$ flow in your hands


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